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This is Really a Test

      I’ve listened to much of the radio reporting of the current weather disasters in the US, and watched some of the TV, and read some of the papers and work from precepts of Sociology and Political Science and Military Strategies and Tactics that I know of and have used successfully when making films.

       I am highly influenced by Edward Hallet Carr, Napolean, Machievelli, Confuscious, Jesus, William James and William Godwin, as well as my own experiences working and traveling.

       I remember when my brother had a pack packed up and ready in case of a Nuclear War.   I remember when I knew I was supposed to put a door against the side of the house and cover it with dirt to stop some of the expected radiation.   (After that everyone was supposed to come out and hose everything off.)

       When I was hearing about the evacuations I thought about how hard it would be for me and my wife to evacuate in the middle of the week before payday.

       Americans don’t get stock in America because they are simply Americans.   They have to pay for everything and everybody and give away their jobs inventions and art to all of the disadvantaged all over the world because they are so rich and strong.

       New Orleans is America like Brooklyn, only it is below sea level.

       I could go on about how New Orleans is like Brooklyn, but I don’t have the time to explain Red Hook, and Rockaway and Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights and it amounts to Brooklyn is bigger.

        The relationship between Manhattan and Brooklyn is similar to the relationship between New Orleans and the Federal Government might work.

        One firm lesson to learn about evacuations is that poor people cannot evacuate in the middle of the week unless they are paid early one way or another.  Possibly they might have to be paid before they have done some work.

         The difference between Brooklyn and New Orleans and Texas is that from Brooklyn you can get on the Subway and get to another train.   New York City would be easier to evacuate because of the train rails and an overall integrated transportation system.

       Since we have proliferated so much overall we do need to diversify and integrate our overall transport system.

       As far as the first responders are concerned in a fully capable anarchistic society all would be able to take care of themselves and whomever they encountered in trouble.

       Finally I do end up feeling and thinking that all citizens must have Civil Defense stations and tools.   Further I agree that the modern society needs to stop off book accounting and give all citizens stock in their country that pays dividends for their particpation and taxation that does not mean that they have to wait for payday to get out of harms way.

       For the US and Canada and Mexico to thrive as China and the EU and Russia take advantage of it, Mexico must pay for services to Mexicans provided by the US, and adopt Canadian relationships with Corporations.

        Otherwise Mexico, the US and Canada will all fall down together and become like London when it was really horrible.

                                                                 Love- Russell       



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