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I’m collecting information about planet defense systems.
I’m aiming to have a forward plan, based on repairs to the website, along with my speech.
Currently about all I know about a good Planet Defense System is that it would cost 100 billion as a ballpark figure.
The technology is suspect.
In this case I do want to be able to stand up and say what system I would put the money for.
I am myself inclined towards a multiple set of robot rockets parked in orbit creating a redundant system, coupled with a Radar and Strobe Light detection system.
I want to use the rockets for the Cue Ball Deflection Protocol, as opposed to the Bomb, Burn, or Magnapulse Protocols to mitigate the threatening Asteroids.
I am not married to this system, but so far feel it is most practical, and what I will ask for money for starting on April Fools, by which time this website is to be set up really to receive money, for this initiative.
We are also working on allowing for discussion on this site.
The Theoretical Discussions, partly for fun, and partly for scholarship, will be Poly Science.
I am in agreement that Poly Science and History are the same thing.

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