Working Class Corner/New Orleans & Gun Rights

Charlton Heston has been reported to me in the past as being homosexual which explains to me why he was a good President for the NRA.

It has been reported that people on high ground who have jobs and have supplies and are able to take care of themselves are having their legal guns taken from them.

The breakdown is complete.

No law observed on either side.

Disarm the stupid and barbaric, treat and disarming the self-sufficient leaves the mediocratcy in charge.

It is the recipe for Hell.

When I had lived in Manhatten for a few years I stopped giving money to people on the street begging for money.

If they were playing an instrument or singing I would give them money since that is work and I worked and only had so much money to give away on impulse or in appreciation.

The people who live in New Orleans and are supplied and are working and are taking care of themselves know that if they are disarmed they will not be able to take care of themselves and the people who are disarming them know that it is the like sentencing them to death to disarm them since they are dependent on their arms to disarm the people, ed citizens with rights, that they are abrogatting because they are acting offensively when the people they are disarming are needing their personal weapons for defense, which was the point of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

The Bush Administration is the worst Administration that I know of since I have lived and grown up in the United States.   The Mayor of New Orleans is awful along with the Governor of Louisianna.   Cursing and crying and praying is not a great leadership skill.

Looking at the fact that armed soldiers are disarming the citizens who have taken care of themselves and do not need them but are vulnerable to their mediocracy so much that they are willing to abrogate the spirit of the Consitution and Bill of Rights knowing that they are supported by Bush illustrates why the United States is completely bankrupt on every level and explains why the power of the world is in the hands of Autocrats in China and India.

I am not happy with the way Indians treat their citizens who are called Untouchables.

When China gets profit from organs that are sold from the bodies of the people they condemn and kill and does not recognize and works to insure that their family will be an insulated elite like the Bush Family in collusion with Wal Mart and the Waltons who are sop slinging money from their piggy bank to Wall Street syncopants who surf for crumbs on carpets as semiobdient dogs and cats but are really no better than gutter rats, I suggest that we all who have no desire at all get guns and always carry Mace or Pepper Spray and use it whenever we are frightened of stupid statements or actions that are obviously stupid.

     So I guess what I am saying is that if you and your friends where somehow to make Transendia to have a bank account, some of the money would be spent on arming anarchists of Transcendian actuality which are those sorts of people who are taking care of themselves in New Orleans, but are now under assault unfairly.

      The Bush Administration is without merit as far as the reports that I have seen on the tv and read in the papers or heard on the radio except for the dispositon of Saddam Hussain which ought not have been that difficult or expensive, unless it is recognized that corruption and stupidity is so great as to astound even an idiot.












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