Working Class Corner/Policy Paper

Working Class Corner/ Policy Paper

    byline Russell S. Day

The Policies, allergist and suggestions for consideration are intended to advance peace and prosperity, malady nationally, pill and internationally.   There are wars and potential wars going on in our world.   The finances  and wealth of nations and individuals  have been undermined.   Important institutions have been corrupted, and we are in deep trouble.

It is simply War, and Corruption that make people poor.   Bad laws make for a bad society.   In the US the long running Drug War has  recreated, and maintained and spread generally thoughtout the entire landscape, the worst of what Prohibition Era Chicago became.

This internal war within the US, has become an international war that has really done as much or more to diminish security, as the wars in Iraq, or Afghanistan.

The slaughters  in the border states and cities of Mexico are sickening.

As a simple practical matter ending the drug war, would separate drug smugglers, from weapons smugglers and it is recognized that if you have too many Fronts, and are at War, in too many theaters, you will lose.

So one my main Policy suggestions is that an immediate end to the Drug War, be done.

Now the UN was created with the mission of ending all war, and this is a worthy goal.   However it is more practical for the UN to be powerful enough, respected and feared enough, to enforce "The Rules of  War".   I encourage the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction, and feel of deadly conflict, murder, and assassination, this is the only area where I would give my support to bloody conflict.

It is an undue assault on the security of my class, the working class of all nations for us to suffer this threat, and really about the only thing I consider worthy of killings.

Details of how an Institution Transnationally would be composed, and charged are too much for me right now to delineate.

Now regardless of my self created dual citizenship in Transcendia, and the US, whereby I really ought to work further on independence, or gaining stature enough to be conquered and absorbed into the UN, I have a few recommendations for the US Federal Government.

In relation to War and Peace, I am strongly in favor of the Recreation of the US Constabulary Force.   It is too much for the US to ask the Army, or Armed Forces to do more than they are equipped or trained, or actually institutionally intended to do.   Their real job is simply to defend the nation through the use of deadly force.

The United State Constabulary Force did in Europe what we need it to do in Irag, and Afghanistan.   Without the ReInstitution of the United States Constabulary Force, the US will continue to spin its wheels, and get further mired in Afganistan, in particular.

The drug war needs to be ended there too, for that is what they can grow, and make, and attempts to change that, are a source of stupid violent deaths.

Now we are aware that there is a Financial Crisis.   Ironically I have come to see that to increase the wealth and security of the US, Insurance is the key.   Specificly I have determined, that awarding "Whole Life Insurance" policies to citizens at birth, would create a situation of parity between Labor, and Capital.

Further it would be a win win for the insurance industry, and the nation.

Further explaintion on my part, and the part of insurance professionals, is called for, but I am running out of steam in this particular writing fit.

I am also for an International Mininum Wage, in this era of globalization, and urbanization…   

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