Working Class Corner/ProActive Civil Demonstrations

ProActive Civil Demonstrations/Working Class Corner

                                                                    by Russell Scott Day

     When considering the conflict between the Palistinians and Israel I call for a Menu for Peace instead of a Road Map to Peace.

      This is not to me a subtle distinction for what you name a concept, is just as important as the concept.

       The concept of ProActive Civil Demonstrations comes out of concepts of Civil Disobedience which come out of weakness.   Civil Disobedience is reactionary in opposition to injustices.

       The powerful nations have so far failed to make demonstrations ProActively that in brevity have then the dramatic impact that peacefully advance civilization.

        I have experimented with ProActive Civil Demonstrations.

        I have discovered that one must account for the Law of Unintended Consequences when creating a ProActive Civil Demonstration.

        So far my most successful ProActive Civil Demonstration has been the Transcendian Message Rocket Launch Program.

        The point of it is now to illustrate how a thing can be good or bad entirely dependent on how it is used.

        It is a tragedy for mankind when a good thing, is used for a bad purpose.

        The little cardboard and balsa wood and plastic rockets we launched in Manhattan during the First Gulf War, cheered some people up.

       On the Fourth of July in the US fireworks are launched as spectacle and harmless and celebration of freedom.

       Christmas in my culture is an internationally shared holiday.

       As a ProActive Civil Demonstration it would be helpful if there was an International Workers Holiday detached from any religion.

       The Menu for Peace and Border Picnics for War Threatened Nations ProActive Civil Demonstration at border crossings between Palistine and Israel, would be vulnerable to the Suicide Bomber.

       This is the component of the ProActive Civil Demonstration that must be accounted for in constructing such an event as enemies eating together as an insidious movement towards Civil Peace.

       Therefore the construction of Food based ProActive Civil Demonstration must be progressive and intended to culminate in the event of a Border Picnic for Peace that is not the scene of sabatoge.

        Peace means Police.

        Therefore I would direct Police forces of the Palistinians and the Israelis to share meals together first.

         Then in conjunction I would direct that food be available and shared at border crossings between the Palistinians and Israelis.

        Progressively I would aim to make a large border picnic happen.

        The menu will have been tested.

        I’d like to see the children launch their rockets made of cardboard and balsa wood with their messages on and in them.

        Now the really brave would be Balloon Riders.

        During the Iran Hostage Crisis my ProActive Civil Demonstration concept was for Balloonists dressed like Clowns in low flying balloons to throw money and flowers down to those below.

       This was impractical I discovered during my divorce which was so horrible and adversarial that I recognized that in all liklihood the balloonist clowns would be shot down and that this would be counterproductive as far as my goal of achieving peace was concerned.

       However an SR 71 sort of aircraft might be able to successfully bomb their enemies with food and toys, and might eventually be tried.

       Now the legacy of John F. Kennedy is much really dependent on the Peace Corps.

       The Peace Core is an example of proactive thinking.   It is something that could be built on.

       Now somehow if humanity is to get through the bottleneck when it is obvious that civilization itself is threatened it is only the working class that can save humanity.

       I say that because if the working class demands international equality based on the value of their labor, with the entity of the corporations, that are allowed by unjust laws and the sellouts of corrupt despots enabled by entrenched beauracrats transcendent of religion, only then will the motives for mass murder and war be subdued.

       The working classes do need to unite and recognize the power of the corporations that is greater internationally than either their nation, or their religion and manipulates them through international laws so as to deny them forum and be the cause of wars that destroy their homes and workplaces.

       It is sad that income for something like the UN was not consistently generated from a tax on weapons, since that would elimanate dependence on donations.

       It is sad that the UN does not have as much respect for the Working Class as it does for the Vatican.

       It is sad that the resolution of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States did not result in Statehood for Russia.

        Why is May Day a distress call?

        It comes in the summer.

        Maybe it illustrates knowledge of the future when it is recognized by those being robbed that things are okay for a moment and they might as well try to forget about it for awhile.

         What if there was a Bureacracy of International Infrastructure Engineers and Labor with an army paid to protect them when they were working?

        This would be a ProActive Civil System as opposed to a ProActive Civil Demostration and in my progression, I end this train of thought.




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