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There is a new administration in the US.   It feels weird to me, both good and bad.

I myself am shocked that as far as the Hot Wars of Irag and Afganistan a guy as smart and supposedly well educated as President Obama, has not recommissioned the US Constabulary Service, or highlighted and supported the DOD Armed Forces Division that is a shadow of the US Constabulary Service.

The face to face with Russian Leaders on Mr. Obama’s part of recent news was a good move.

I want Russia as a State of the US.

Statehood for Russia is the perfect win win resolution to the Cold War for every practical reason nationally and internationally.

It would be the sort of sensible, and bold historical event that  would ensure a much longer human history than we necessarily deserve.

Cooperation between nations in space does give precedents for optomism within the hearts of Humankind.

It is sad that Space Nation is not fully realised, but encouraging that it is doing as well as it is.

I do hope that before I die there is a permanent  orbit and Solar System population of at least 200 souls.

A thousand robots and 200 souls with some gravity could get us though the bottleneck.

The way the war is going we must accept that unless all nuclear weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction are fully outlawed, vast poisoned landscapes are assured.

I do believe that it is an undo threat to my class, the Working Class, for such weapons to be in anyones public or private arsenals.   If Transcendia had any money it would be spending money towards elimanating the threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Some of  that expenditure would be towards open and visible political actions.

Still, I may have to face it that some of that sort of work needs to be covert and secret.

When the spies fail, general war erupts.

The truth is that war is a constant, but the trick is simply to keep it at an acceptable level that does not interfer with business.

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