8 Days of Torment

Ever since I had Transcendia Global Solutions come up in the Google when I was entering my site to write, ambulance I have been angry and depressed.  This morning with my business I awoke with the concept of the golden rule as a guide as I wondered for the win win solution to the problem of the theft of my name.

This happens to me over the name Transcendia more and more often.  I sometimes want to send my people, asthma my armed pilots who secretly work for the Transcendian Party to the homes and offices of those who misuse my name, and have those who hurt me get hurt.

Then I wallow in the Golden Rule and Olive branchs of peace and I feel like a pidgeon;

 or a stupid duck.

Most of the time when you are nice to people who have wronged you you get more taken advantage of.  

To not apply what I know of commonly expected actions and reactions invites further defeats and reasons for depression.

So then I shall look for my artist statement and read that.  It is a holiday.  I am not worth much during the day.

Tonight I will be worth more.

I have just finished the body of The Nuremberg Trial by Ann Tusa and John Tusa.  I am reading the thumbnail bios of the defendents.  I am worried that the ones that were hanged weren't hanged very well for it says that they were hanged with all these unlucky numbers instead of by length of drop and weight.  Thirteen twists of the rope and so one didn't impress me.

Readings such as this inspire my posturing as a scholar.  The book and its writers more than once assume that the reader is a scholar and has read works that are preparitory to their book.  I have read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Nightmare Years, Twentieth Centruy, as well as Speer's memoirs, book, whatever the name of if was.  Without a doubt The Nuremberg Trial is an important addition to those touchstones of history about World War II and war and peace in general.  It is pathetic that we are so poor at this time when it comes to International Law.

It does Transcendia Global Solutions great benefit to have stolen my name.  More people will become aware of what they offer because they have stolen my name.  It is not like they stole the name Bill, but more like they stole the name Ford or Disney.

I asked my friend the attorney who normally most did Commercial Real Estate Law in Manhattan, but had diversified into Intlectual Property due to the Grand ?Recession what to do about it whey people appropriate my name: the Transcendian name.

He said the big test was if what they did was confusing.  Some people are actually named Ford, and are juste people and in contest it isn't very confusing.

Transcendia has always been a company, country and work of art.  First and formost we mostly think of it  as a nation, but as a work of art is how I approach it.  I must as the founder give ti the leaders touch of artistry, and political artistry is a really hard one.

I got a compliment from Kris Bris on Facebook the other day when I was lamenting the fact that my lifes story didn't change.  I said so because I was pissed off about it because I was reviewing old VHS videotapes I'd made about myself and to the subject of Transcendia.  It was the political scientis Grotius that pointed ou tyou are most likely to go to war with people you do business with.  For a long time I was mistaken about when he lived.  Doesn't matter because he is still correct no matter when he said it was so.  Once Grotius convinced me of the wisdom of his views I felt that I had grown to take the mantle properly of the founder of a nation, and that nation is named Transcendia.

So apparently Transcendia Global Solutions is offer ing to talk with people on the phone for you.  Yoy are encouraged to pay them to talk on the phone with people is what they want out of gloming on to my name.  So far my name is unsullied by terrible deeds in hisorty.  Like Transcendia hasn't started a war yet.

There does seem to be enough confusion about as call center in the Philippines using my name as to prompt my worry and depression over the potential for conflict.

Already see they started using my name without asking or paying, so already they broke the Golden Rule.  However I start my contact with them starts on my part from a negative.  

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