A less frequent filing.

A less frequent filing.

We all have rhythms and then for me right now there is not that much
more that I have to say. The Drug war and the Oil war and the theocratic
underlayment of cultures and myths all manipulated through mass media’s
controlled by staffs hired and tolerated or fired or not hired in some sop or
syncopated confluence of appearance and spin never too far from the agenda
if part of the in-crowd that talks about it, but hasn’t money enough to put
any agenda other up, and when they do get the money all they do with it is
buy cars and stereos and rent overpriced apartments in Seattle and San
Francisco from baby boomers who want so much rent because they don’t like
working that Japan looks like the future. Everything is Fine!

Let’s cut taxes and go to war!

Let’s declare war on no nation but just Terror, Let’s have a war on

I myself have enemies that I prefer to name since emotions are so much a
shared enemy of feeling good. Next time I get threatened by a gun toting
crack head I’m going to ask what his name is since I would have liked to
have shot the last guy individually.

What is my agenda?

Membership in the United Nations and conversion of the Peace Keeping
Force to an international Airport Security Force for Transcendia with
uniform security in all airport. Security that does not interfere with
Human Rights is my goal which means that the Two Front War of a War on Drugs and a War on Terror are not the same thing since the Drug War is a Lever War justifying Corporate Facisism which still doesn’t put the money in the right places for even their own children as time runs out for us all.

United Nations Television, so I could have a job producing the Big Shot
Story, or Big Story Little Guy, Bigshot Guy rants.

And then my program is Space Travel and Submarines.

The Transcendian T Shirt is now 32 dollars. Order one.


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