Low and Know, Etc

Low and Know, Etc.

Went to Randalman and worked on an interview with Richard Petty about Prostate Cancer.

My brother said a good while ago, “If you live long
enough you have trouble with your prostate.” Richard Petty did and he had it cut out. “Just another day in the life of Richard Petty.”

He had a firm handshake was logical and direct and never took off his hat or sunglasses. I don’t know how he can see. If I was wearing glasses that dark inside I couldn’t see enough to be secure about not running into things, or be able to read.

Sorry to hear you are low.

I got plain last night which was a day after a good day, like AVB, or Afer Vactation Blues, but this was about working at something I good at and for whom the balance of learning and working is better. Not a vacation over depression, but a work over depression since then back to other work that is not anything but.

Spending time with assholes is a drain. It is the relief I have even in work that I am not in control of since the guys I work with are pretty good company.

Otherwise the airport is being closed in Chapel Hill, and the guy I know on the Board in Carrboro doesn’t want to loan me money to put an airport in Carrboro, like they did for someone to open a bar. These counties around here want to broaden their tax base so a loan to open a bar is more attractive than one to put in an airport!

We were depressed around here yesterday.

Today I got a tape player. The project is to be able to make CDs with a CD burner from all the tapes I made. It’s been moving along in an equipment collection and repair in stages.

Wellbutrin only screws with my memory like Psycilocybin, and I want valuim for a weekend at least. An hour and a half the day I was supposed to be able to quit and I was seriously cursing on the job. 4 hours on the followng Saturday and I was angry at Nancy Alex for teasing that she had thrown the cigarettes away.

I want another doctor for this disease.

Vivid dreams though on this supposedly anti smoking drug. Far as I can tell that’s all it’s good for since the times so far I’ve tried not to smoke, which is what it’s supposed to be good for, I might as well have been going cold turkey.

If you can come over this way on a Friday, let us know.


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