Thinking of Cuba

Thinking of Cuba.

I called up my longtime friend who has the perfect profile of academic cover and asked him about his take on Cuba. Seems about stupid for the United States to keep on with this madness in relation to Cuba. Ironic too that Bush would be telling Castro from Florida how to have democracy in light of recent history, well prior to the attack when we were wondering how votes were counted in Florida, and wondering again about the power brokers that run things like the electoral college.

My friend says it is pure pandering to a small group that swung the election. He said that in so many words that I’m not quoting. The point being that its not the right thing either practically or ethically, but he’s going to do it because he owes the election to those people and therefore they get what they want.

This is Bush at the surface. This is the way he is working and his party is working.

I myself like to think that there is something going on that is not as obvious as what was obvious to me otherwise about Bush. It really doesn’t take that much to fight your obvious enemies. Not that the current war is really directed at obvious enemies who are as powerful or culpable as your side, our side might be.

What side is our side, but the side of humanity? Civilians are humanity, but armies aren’t.

Well it’s a way of looking at it.

I told my friend that I saw the relationship between the Federal Government and the States, and the United Nations and the Nations, as called for as the same difference. He said it would take a long time for that. As Humanity we don’t have long to get some of these realities worked out.

So what else is there?


From my point of view the second coming will not be Jesus as one man, but his shared person, like communion actually working like all these prescription cumulative drugs like Prozac or Wellbutrin, which is what I am on, and hasn’t helped much except that we’ve had vivid dreams. Far as I can tell that is all it is good for since it was the same as cold turkey when I didn’t actually smoke any cigarettes.

I’ve never taken Prozac, but I know you are supposed to take it for awhile before it works.

Jesus was supposed to be a military leader and that is why Judas gave him up is a view of the story.

Kicking Judas out of your own heart is a Jihad I can understand like I would recommend an end to the Cuban embargo.

But what do I know? I don’t think I know the inside under the surface story for news about Cuba. I think there is something missing. Why is it news now in this time of war? It’s been going on forever.

There was a smuggler I knew that told me that the Cubans helped them move heroin on planes to Florida from Columbia back in the Eighties. Drugs are a better source of income for terrorists or revolutionaries than robbing banks.

Cut the Drug War to a one front war internationally and humanity will benefit. Cut the drug war to regulation of narcotics and legalization of hallucenigenics like pot, and humanity will benefit across the board.

Oil and Drugs. The Oilmen are at war with the Drug men. Us saps are just doing their bidding and they are all friends like Napoleon and the Czar in War and Peace.


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