Making things & Work/Places and their Uses

Making things & Work/Places and their Uses / From Chapel Hill North
Carolina, Transcendia, wherever I am our you with a passport or pilot
reading this or rocket launcher one way or another.

Jesus wasn’t very humble from what I can tell and humility hasn’t
worked for me so far. I’m large tempted to abandon humility and just say “Follow Me.”

It will feel like following yourself so much that to follow will be to
lead, if you do it.

What was it that Grant and Lincoln shared? Too bad that Kennedy was
killed for the world since Kennedy and Johnson would have done the Utopian Programs with skill.

Only so much is possible in the real world, and that is the facts.
Facts without science is what the human experience is. Magic overcomes confusion and then niggles along at the base of the infrastructure.

The perfect way to die, what is it? Nancy Alex is very upset about the
slaughter of little piglets in South Korea. The picture from the New York
Times is of all the piglets being thrown into a pit alive whereafter they
were covered with earth and smothered to death.

Somehow this does not seem like a great way to die.

Longtime ago I said that my perfect way to die would be to be hit by a
meteorite, and I’m sticking with that. It’s in the infrastructure of my
prayers along with Dear Lord Jesus Let me be a man and do my part.

Dear Lord Jesus Give Me Heart

To Be A Man An Do My Part.

Sometimes after communion when I can’t really think of any other goals I am reduced to that simple prayer.

My wife says I am a genius. I had to ask her how to spell it to make

Senator John Edwards was in Chapel Hill today. He didn’t call me.
Downtown Peter T was demonstrating against tests at school. I thought of how important Emotional Intelligence was and wonder what Class like language ought to be early in the per capita equality of perfect education which is the only responsibility after defense of the government. -Classes in emotional and ethical perfection ought to be taught early I supposed.

What are the submarine stories? They are the silent monks of madness and sanity smiling on rubber souls, what frowns happened, what wonder?

Tom Waits is singing from the NAD and ADVENTS. The upstairs neighbors are gone to graduation and we can listen to the radio.

“Everything you can think of is true.” -Tom Waits.

“Just as good as it ever was.” -David Byrne

Oh you Greeks, You Romans, you respected Citizens, did you put your
thumb down? Why did you say “Kill Him?”

This is what a vote does. Every Senator and Congressman that will not
touch the right power of the third rail kills peace in the world from all I
can tell.

What do the Dutch Pilots keep to themselves?

Submariners Monks Nuns Pilots and Priest is Holland, tell us what is
going on. Let me hear from the girls in Reklavic….

Russell Scott Day

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