Anger at the Spins of the Propagandist

Anger at the Spins of the Propagandist

Mostly this day, I was fine with my work, my workmates, the weather, and
all of that that just is about the best working people get in their little

The car didn’t breakdown and since I got a new tag I’ve not been
automatically subject to a stop if a cop gets on my tail. For a long time
it was prudent for me to take evasive action when seeing a cop. Once I
just pulled over after one had taken a turn after me when I was making an
evasive turn. He pulled over and asked me why I had stopped. I said
because he was following me, and he said he was just on his way home and
took off.

So I have a car and a job and a fine bunch of guys to work with and the
weather is good and my bride and I get along very well.
But I listened to the news and it, combined with the lack of it, or the
nature of it as propaganda, the managed agenda of disinformation and
manipulations comparable to the Gulf of Tonkin affair caused me to desire to
feel my anger.

A good number of people in North Carolina have recently lost both their
good paying jobs and even their jobs that really didn’t pay all that well at
all. In the meantime the radio announcers keep saying that the government
figures for the consumer buying that is supposed to drive the economy is
going up.

Now my impression of the Bush Administration is that they will lie
through their teeth if it creates the mental landscape that benifits their
control and keeps them in power. It is my impression that the Federal
Powers that be, do not want to certify the possiblity that the United States
is in any way weakened by either stupidity, greed, or foreign assault.
One guy said Enron and Authur Anderson made Capitalism look bad.
Capitalism for working people in the United States makes Capitalism look bad
when you look at educational operations and healthcare along with laws that
keep the poor poor, and the rich richer. I had a teacher years ago who
said, “This isn’t Capitalism, its Socialism for the rich.”

Tabacco and Textiles have been the engines of economy for workers in
North Carolina. The State is real big in pigs these days. There have
been periods when Motion Picture Production was talked up as a industry, but
the “Above the Line” infrastructure of investors, banking co-ordination and
distribution that is the stuff of a mature industry hasn’t been created.
More and more Mexicans live in this area. This proves only that it is
worse in Mexico, or really that the rich in the United States intend to make
working people in the United States as expendable as working people are in
Mexico. By rich I am saying greed driven corporate leaders who are in
international collusion with each other.

International drug laws are a piviot for prisons that are a more and
more often private profit center. Any administration that views corporate
interest in putting people in jail as conscionable is inherently and
completely corrupt and compromised in my book. A nation inwhich jails are
owned and run by corporations has no legitimate claim to my alleigance.
Especially when a great number of people are in jail for victumless crimes
like smoking pot.

Are our leaders as evil as the leaders who desire to kill us?
Some of them are. We are only the receipients of some grace by
oversight and fairy tales and numbers. There are Senators and Congressmen
in conflict over power that is no matter what more and more reserved
for the rich.

Now it is the Oil Rich who have a specific agenda. The weapons
companies and the oil companies are obvious, but there is more. I’m just
not certain what all of it is.

I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be this bad. If pot was legal
working people in Mexico and North Carolina would be better off I can tell
you as a certainty, not to mention Canada. I might even like NAFTA if it
was moderated by less need of the Mexicans to run across the border. The
war on drugs could be easily named a war on Mexicans and Jamacians if you
trace the history over the past 30 years.

Treating everyone like children only causes suffering for everybody but
more for the women and children is was I said last time I was writing. I
say it again because I want you to get it so clearly that you can defend
your vices.

Could be I have people like John Edwards in mind. I’m trying to get
people in power to learn that the Third Rail is where the train gets power.
I think I’m coming out of my lull.

The sermon this last Sunday was inspired to identify the time as a time
of not Mother’s Day, or 7th Sunday, but a time of Lull.

Now a Lull is an incredible machine on a construction site. It is a
self leveling boom armed fork lift that makes commercial construction more
efficiently possible than would otherwise be remotely possible. How this
machine got the name Lull, is not what I have found out fully yet, but there
is an irony there that insures that my priest get a picture of one.

Russell Scott Day

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