Dear Beni,

Dear Beni,

I’ve thought about it and think that the United Nations is responsible
for control of all these churches and holy mythic places of reality and
dreams and conflicting beliefs.

This becomes practical for me. I feel this practically. It is not
practical for Israel to not answer to the United Nations like North Carolina answers to the Federal government that is called The United States.

So what if you think the same thing? I know you fought for your
nation. I got nothing but reality and confusion hopeful and puzzled out
of your article. That combination has no full hope since it is attached to

To convince you that Israel ought to have the same relationship to the
United Nations as North Carolina has to the Federal government is my wonder, for as a friend knowing your concerns and philosophy moderated by insight and experience, it would mean it was more right in the long run.

Hence, Hence then my concerns about the reality of the United Nations.

You are the only guy I know who knows any secrets there. What would it take for you as a veteran of the war, burned and partly disabled in that
tank to recommend a relationship between the United Nations and Israel that was similar to the relations hip between States of the United States and the Federal Government?

For what else is the solution to this conflict?

Somewhere in the Koran there might be a blessing for change, but
apparently after 1,373 years there has not been discovered within this book enough avenue of tolerance and evolution for a common cultural acceptance of women as equal, as has happened in the Episcopal Church, or actually striven for in what we call Western Civilization.

Maybe not enough people can read there, and I haven’t read the Koran
but I was impressed by my friend’s disdain. Ed Napier the playwright who wrote Reconstructing the Sun which partly caused me not to drink for a good deal of time had a wonderfully incisive rant on tongue about the failures of the Korean’s thinking. I depend on him for the thinking about it and hope he is alive and doing well.

Listening to Tom Waits now by the way.

Food Drugs and Tools was the redeemable imprint for early Transcendian printings. Work is not what Tom Waits is about. I like to listen to him on recording when I am working.


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