Hi Russel, After all these years, we tracked down Lucia’s

Hi Russel, After all these years, we tracked down Lucia’s – just like we pictured it.

Click on the “Olean” link on this page

First update to the Refrigerator in eight months or so. Feels good.

Paul and Peggi

I’ll go to these places as soon as possible. There are imperfections like the souls assembled in boxes like phone calls. Teleportation is a preview here. Bad information and interferance change what we would rather not.

Transcendians in China will be buying land at the Equator before good investors from what I can tell of my readership. Rocket launching is a real business and at the equator it is cheaper since the world spins.

If the United Nations made Israel then it seems they ought to be strong enough to take over the whole area for all concerned. PanTheistic site specific conflict needs a wise demonstration. If peace is not to be achieved in this region the cause of athiesim is recommended.

I end up praising “Damascus Gate” by Robert Stone and hate it that I haven’t seen him or William James on C-Span.


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