About the Novel I’m Writing in the Poetry Section

My writing schedule now is opinion during the week, and the novel Force of Nature over the weekend.   I’ve been putting Force of Nature in the Poetry section.

     I’ve been trying to get the facts straight.   Apparently it is Eastern that was predominant at RDU early on, instead of American.

      The first Taylorcraft had 40 horsepower engines and Taylorcraft started production in 1935.    Apparently there were about 2 thousands of a military version called a L2 Liason.   It would be the 1938 Model BC-65 that I think my character Carl would have bought in November of 1946.

       Since I have never been in or flown a Taylorcraft I am at a disadvantage in writing about it and have been doing some research.

      Nancy Alex complained that I had stayed up too late doing research.

      My mother in law asked me the plot of the book and I did not really give a good answer and am not sure that I really want to right now either.   Is men get machines a real plot?    Man sails to India.   I guess it is a plot.

       Really what I want to do is tell a story about a flying family which is  what Faulkner did in Pylon.    I do of identify with the journalist in Pylon. 

      I did write a very depressing book once, but it is more like a McCarthy sort of thing since it is so very depressing and as I have gotten older my humor has improved.





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