Ads from Disney & The UN

Checking my email after the posts of the past few days I got an ad from Disney to buy some DVDs et al.  Ads from Google adsense have changed.  I still haven't gotten a check.  Fact is we in Transcendia have never seen any money come through the Donate button.

I got some coupons from Cafepress for some stuff I ended up buying.  The black hat and the shoulder bag were good buys, medicine as were the sweat shirts.  Cotton for the Tee shirts was thin.  Thought I had set it so I would get a check in the mail, patient but ain't got one.

I did get kicked off CR4 where I spent an inordinate amount of time.  Truly I had a lot of fun there, sales and recommend it and Globalspec, but our relationship was co-dependent.  I could rejoin as another person with another email address, but I feel as really some sort of oddly important individual with a strong history, fuck that.

I offered them a link for some political science, and was rebuffed.  Gottah admit though that I liked arguing about energy and engineering issues where you have to know more than claptrap.  I'm of a nuts and bolts idea that the Bureaucrat ought to aspire to Technocrat status.   I ought to copyright the Telephone Bank, or Transcendian Telephone Bank name right now.  Think I will.

Sell a phone that comes with not only minutes, but an insurance policy you can borrow against.

Sell an exchange rate slide wheel for seller and buyer with an underwriter, and all will be understandable, instead of gobblygook.

Meantime back at the ranch, I may well never need another shirt.  Actually this Christmas I got 11 shirts and sweaters.  Mostly I did get my uniform shirts, which are the white oxford button downs from LL Bean.  I have some pants.  I don't change pants everyday, but I do change shirts everyday.

Progress through shirts, and fun.  

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