Forgiving the Unrepentant

I looked at a little television yesterday.  Some Disney show was going on on ABC in the Dish equipped home I was in.  Transcendia would like to take over at least the adult part of Disney.  Some guy singing did a terrific job interpreting some Christmas song.  The performance was dependent on his particular voice personality and being.  I imagine Disney can afford to hire some of the best in the world.

I didn't much like myself the set, impotent and all that sun, drugs and the fake world.  I went on honeymoon with my first wife to Disney World, impotent and have some interesting audio tapes, ear movie documentary of that trip.  I loved the hotel we stayed in.  They had some fine interesting art around.  My daughter was born 9 months later.

Life is interesting.  Disney World was later reported as a number one honeymoon location.  One of the few laughs over the past 24 years I've shared with the ex-wife.  Disney World wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.  I loved the hotel.

Rides were sort of lame.

I don't think Disney as a company is very repentant about what they do.  I liked them better when I was a kid.  I forgive them for being so bland and sunny.  Disney Land, and Disney concepts truly are inspirational far as Transcendian foundational theories.  I have said that if the Vatican can have a seat at the UN, Disney ought to as well.  I'm not really joking.  I'd likely buy Haiti if I was running Disney.  Disney is not an NGO.  Haiti aint much of a country.  Call the Haiti UN offices and they tell you to call the Red Cross, or somebody else, and why don't you speak French!

When Walt bought up the land for Disney World, he had brokers buy it up without revealing it was being bought by Disney.  Kept the prices paid lower.  Just cause you're an artist, doesn't mean you ought not be shrewd.  Everybody wants what you make for free.  And you want to give it away for free too.

One must resist the desire to give everything away for free.  People don't appreciate art they haven't paid for.  A couple of my paintings, sold last month.  I love it that somebody will take care of the work better than I can.  Three of my big heavy paintings are on the back deck.  They are suffering.  My last three smaller paintings disturbed my wife.

Now that I've been married for almost ten years, I think I've got the hang of it..  We got excellent counseling prior to the marriage, and I say that the time for counseling is definitely before you get married, and not after the event.  People are flawed.

People want to do things their own way.  I had some unrepentant friends who had a store on Avenue A called Live Shop Die.  Was Bob and Liz and Trixie, and they sold old Barbie Dolls, posters and strange stuff.  There was a working Photo Booth in the store that I loved to put quarters in.  We had fun being in the box making pictures with the aid of the robot.

I'd just go in the store and drink beer there sometimes with them.  They wanted me to bring beer.  They were unrepentant.  They were a menage a trois.  Trixie once complained that Liz wasn't fucking Bob enough leaving it to her too much.  I had a memorable bar crawl with Liz that was one of those things you remember as not quite right, but I'm not going to say I really did anything worth real regret.  Back in that era the East Village wasn't as slick as it is now, according to reports.

Don't know if my girlfriend at the time really forgave me finding us in the morning on the couch.  She gave Liz a glass of water.  I remember showing Liz something.  There is a streak of innocence that combines with the unruly secrets of living.  

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