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There probably are some academic courses that essentially teach criminal behaviors.  The only criminals I spent much time working around, ampoule if not sortah, buy for, were drug dealers and smugglers.  It is such a big business that there are probably few of us haven't some way or another been touched by it all for profit or loss.

They say that the prisons teach people how to be criminals, but if they were such good criminals to learn from they wouldn't be in prison, now would they?

Little things I know are like your professional has more than one name and identity.  In the case of the drug dealers I knew they stored under one name, sold out of another under another name, and lived their private lives under another name.  Certainly there are risks to criminal behavior more than non criminal behavior due to some lack of protection under the law for your illegal business.  Paying for protection from both the police, and other criminals means you do need high profits.  Pros have accountants and attorneys either way.

(I like it that I learned finances and economics were two different things.)

Eric Schlosser does a good job of it in his book Reefer Madness, leastways up to a point.  It is profound that legitimate businesses have adopted successfully criminal operating procedures.  It is the smugglers we are most threatened by, for their job is to smuggle what will make a profit, and weapons smuggling implies Weapons of Mass destruction will be smuggled.  We would be safer if drugs and weapons were separated as profitable for the smuggler.  I fear I'm beating a dead horse pushing for legalization of drugs, but can promise you there are very practical reasons for it to be in the interest of countering the priority threat that we will be nuked cause some drug smuggler picks up some suitcase bomb as an aside.

I've said this sort of stuff so often I'm about bored with it, though I ought not be considering all the gruesome deaths along the US Mexican border.  Glad I live where I live.  We get a lot of visitors from NYC and I already live here after living up and down the East Coast and out Chicago way.  So I'd probably want to move here from NYC about now if I'd stayed there from when I was connected there better.

Every funny Xmas tale, audio clip and that sort of thing has been what I have wanted more than anything in the mental landscape this year.  Good jokes are important as anger management tools.  I heard once a crew leaving told the BA to keep me on the job for the incoming crew, cause I was funny.  Yah gottah hang around with me to get the funny.  I'm pretty sure I'm funnier live and in person.

I don't know anymore what I was really raised to be.  Sure enough artist politician can be done, and I do fit that profile same as when I fit the Shed Man profile.  Saving grace has always been the good joke.  A joke is the right answer to the wrong question, or the wrong question to the right answer.  Leastways that's what I came up with after thinking about it a lot.  

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