Africa and China and Transcendia

Africa and China and Transcendia

Everyman repeats himself after awhile somehow it is unavoidable. I used to hate it when my father said something or told a story he had said before and I hate myself when I repeat myself. When I am forced to repeat myself I hate the world.

Seems to work that the roads are paid for by taxes, and we buy our own cars. Why shouldn’t that work for the railroad?

It is nothing but corruption that keeps people poor and starving out in the rain. We are gods and know what God would do if he was as kind as a mother to the helpless.

We were all helpless once and we will all be helpless again.

This guy Scott Sullivan ought to have to work with me one day to discover the satisfactions of honest work. I hear Carpenters for Christ are hiring. As much as I hate President Carter for not admitting that he let the CIA move hashish into the country, at least he has worked for free. The people that end up with the Habitat Houses are supposed to pay the bank aren’t they?

He just seems disconnected as much from reality as Bush.

If the Union goes on strike at the ports it will be just great. If I had the ear of anyone who did good business and was the Business Agent I might be suggesting Transnational Union Negotiations for efficiency of both shipping and receiving as a way to increase worker security in concert with the desires of the Corporations.

I know about hard work and the easier way and seek the win win solution to the problem. In the Culture War the Islamic hard-liners have an absolute win agenda that warns me of the need for something like an army.

I am sorry that we will be left out when China claims Mars and Venus. They know what is going on and are buying Submarines from Russia. The Chinese on the ground are living in a Submarine already.

We ought to visit for the real feeling more than a picture, but I want to go to Amsterdam or Alice Springs for myself since me and Nancy Alex haven’t had a trip honeymoon yet and I would like to smoke some hashish and watch a sunset over dinner by water.

When we can make a world as good as the one we have been given submarines will be nice time.


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