Dear Lynne

Dear Lynne,

I have become very interested in AOL Time Warner, and hence I have been reading Wall Street Journal and New York Times Reports. So far it is the Editorial of July 20th, that has been the most clear writing I have read.

When I think of Mr. Logan’s quote about how the Internet was a black hole, I can agree in my personal experience. I’m not making any money from my writings on the Internet.

The description of Mr.. Bewkes as a man who can work with both creative people and the people of the nuts and bolts makes him sound similar to my image of myself. “We like having a poet around who gets things done.” Was the finest compliment I got when I was working in New York.

The Editorial of last Saturday’s New York Times makes me want to nominate myself as “The Third Man” that the Editorial implies is needed.

You can try out the wisdom of my thinking and see if you want to bring me in from the cold.

Imagining myself as “The Third Man” I imagine a way to bring some value back to the Internet part of the business.

You have some bit of my work imagining myself as leading some content already. Since I don’t work for either your company, or C-Span, either you will get C-Span to hire me, or get the company you work for to hire me.

I have exposed you to the way I think. When I took all the tests and went through the Leadership Program they reflected that I was thinking on three tracks at the same time, and one track or another might be on the surface, but the conclusion would be there in focus for the question of

For example out of all that I wrote for that led to the creation of, I was led myself to call for the creation of a United Nations Channel. I wasn’t writing about that, but that is what came from my writing.

My reading about AOL Time Warner, regardless of my own agendas reminds me of the history of media, or mediums. The Internet ends up more like Short-wave Radio, than anything else.

Road Runner is supposed to exploit and conform to the historical models, but it is poorly explained and marketed. It could as well be that the commonly available hardware doesn’t yet support it. If I was on the inside I think I could figure it all out and focus a plan to integrate the two companies and the content and technology involved.

Oh, I want to make another show, The History of Short-wave Radio!


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