United Nations Television & Bob Herbert

United Nations Television & Bob Herbert

I told Nancy Alex that in the past month I had created United Nations
Television and revived William James.

Alaska is melting and an asteroid is on its way. Why do they call
stocks Securities? Good products from badly run or looted companies are the sad reality of stock investment. The Internet has value.

It is sad when the workers who create things of value are crushed if
they buy into their own creations. Worse when all the natural resources of a lagging culture are sold by Warlord equivalents.

Workers find out again that to trust the boss is to trust a thief.
It is alright to like the boss, but is is proven iffy to trust him.

Ford wanted labor so he paid more. Eastman created The Yellow Mother
and shot himself.
None of it is simple.

My Grandfather treated the Union guys to food in his back yard and they
ruined the company. He became a priest in Harlem. He was a Priest to the Nuns in Kentucky when he died. They were Episcopal nuns.

The sailors know that all you get out of one day, is another day.

I’m very tired. My back hurts and I miss teeth I used to have. Still
I feel rightfully free enough to say I respect the free men, the polite and
unreconstructed like Grant, or Churchill.


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