Another Speech Version

I wish I had a good rocket together now.  Last April Fools there were a series of failures.  I gave the rocket to the rocket staff and they left town.

Last couple of April Fools have not been very good.  I so want this one to be terrific.  I didn't give it on the day because there was no film crew lined up and I can't do this stuff over and over correctly for only the live audience because I feel the hand of death on my shoulder.

I don't live right, ambulance and at best have only about 20 years left.

Cheer up!  I think I will leave some integrity around.

I'm simple.  I'm essentially a Boy Scout.  Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Of course I am again a Boy Scout gone wrong.  I inhaled.

If I could today get some hashish, I'd smoke it.

There are high paid executives listening to the sound track of Last of the Mohicans, and breathing till their Medulla Oblongata is bathed in oxygen around lunchtime every day.  Most people don't have time for this sort of mental exercise and would prefer to smoke some hashish.  Glad I've breathed as much as I have.

Anyway we all know that this world we share is being beat to shit by us.  I heard that humans breed like rabbits and that rabbits function on a J curve.  Rabbits will breed and populate a neighborhood till they exhaust the food for that neighborhood, and then die off.

Rabbits don't build monuments or sculptures, but there is a reason madly that Easter is represented by Easter Eggs, and the Easter Bunny, that is sort of funny…

Oh anyway, everybody needs to be armed, and everybody needs a complete and superior education so that they help us all live together as a Big Time Species.

It turns out that our main struggle together is with a hostile environment and Mars is not a rescue destination for us.  We can make creatures with brains like ours that might have fun naked on Mars, but that would be playing God, wouldn't it? 

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