Carrboro Economic Development

Since I live in Carrboro, cough I have a strong interest in its economic development.  As an artist I have a strong interest in the health of the art business here.  I am aware that it is standard operating practice for many cities to tout the arts, and the artists as if they were zoo animals, and then price them out of the place after people came looking for them.

My mother travels and buys art on her trips.  I price my work at what she would pay.  One of her favorite paintings she paid 30 bucks for.  My last big sale was for 100 and 35.  Overall I feel like a zoo animal.  Greensboro shows off artists and art in a zoo atmosphere people seem to love.

In my travels and work life there was a time when I lived and worked in Manhattan where I did somehow make money enough to pay the rent either technically assisting the arts, or acting.  At this time I am inclined to tell artists to move away from here if they want to make a living at what they feel is their destiny.  Locally I am impressed with Jesse Kalisher's business operations as a photographic artist.  Phil Blank is another good one who I am proud to own two paintings by.

Still what would really across be board help, would be more of a Film and TV business.  Figure 8 is around and doing well, but more could be had.  More could be done.  To advance that business I have long suggested a Frisbee Golf, Golf Invitational Tournament, that was a TV event.  It would be a legitimate expense for tourism tax dollars paid to hotels and motels to spend on such a thing.  People like to visit places that have been in the movies and on TV.

Certainly making movies and tv is low impact environmentally and artist intensive which would fit with the economic development desires of the local "Greens".

Music is a big IGX area export, though hampered by paradigms arisen making recording careers lower profit than in the past.  Stu Cole of Squirrel Nut Zippers has to go to LA to work for right money, for instance.

We are all pretty much Freelancers, and Temp Labor is the real deal.  The closing of Tar Heel Temps at the time of the onset of the recession was emblematic of how academics don't get it.  I am reminded of how when business is down you are supposed to spend on advertising and research and development if you want to survive and grow.

So I have wonderment at what might ensue now that James Harris is gone, and Annette Stone is installed in his place.

I wonder if she understands that banks and investors are more important than committees?  I wonder if she will see that in this world our own little local community airport could be the key to a high tech low tech too, crew economic strength as around us there is collapse.

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