Dead or Alive?

Dead Martyr, adiposity | or Live Threat?  What you want?

You would think that the US does have some powerful non lethal weapons.  Of course non lethal and lethal combinations in the toolbox must be applied in a total combat situation.

Mr. Obama, allergist President Obama is apparently, grudgingly given credit for not too much micro managing of the warriors.  I was fortunate enough to be instructed psychologically by a "retired" SEAL.  I think he was even a Major.  My Farr experience on scholarship ought to allow me to recommend them if they are of the caliber program they were.

Harvard is supposedly a pretty good school.

I don't think it is as good as it ought to be for Military History.

Still far as I can tell Obama gets respect because the operation succeeded, whereas Carter's operation failed.

I do think Ms. Clinton needs to speak up for the UN Declaration of Human Rights in any negotiations with the Taliban.  I can justify killing over women's rights as they have achieved in Western Nations.  I have become old and broken up, and can't even run anymore.  There may be little improvements from diet or drugs, or different foods, but I'm never going to be as strong as I used to be.  I'm no stronger than a child or woman anymore.

Still I've not gotten around to carrying a pistol, or even pepperspray.

It was Flight 93, the one that was supposed to hit the White House that somehow exemplifies winners over losers here.  We are in a present of no past like Faulkner said.  We want a past, but it doesn't exist.

Dumping the body at sea with the quick bury to Islamic custom spin, along with stated desire to obscure any location for a shrine is smart.  I wonder how much influence Mr. Obama had over this?  For my interests it makes sense partly since it was baldly stated as a motive for the action.

Now Obama and the Democrats can turn around and reinstate the Clinton era Taxes, and reform Corporate loophole inequities among the corporations.

As a lover of the US Post Office I want that Bureaucracy to be fixed up.  As an admirer of Ben Franklin I just can't let go of Libraries and the US Postal Service.

I'd give the US Postal Service some work protecting rightly emails if I could.

Anyway I have much work to do to become focused and real tied up.  – Give me some questions to answer.  There is a lot going on. 

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