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I have been wanting a big story other than constant news about economic collapse and dangers ahead.  I am semi satisfied with Osama Bin Laden's getting shot news as a big story illustrating touchstone emotions.  Still you have to admit this is not a completely positive sort of story.

Plus by now we've all seen pictures of murdered, store executed, ed shot in war fairly, medicine or whatever.  Not just posting the picture of this guy dead will seem like they want to drag the story out, more than be sensitive to Islamist who follow Bin Laden.  What reasons by now I ought to have to be sensitive to that sect of Islam is beyond me.

Years ago a Manager I worked under said, "I don't longer get too bothered by the tears of women and children."  Far as Islamic fundamentalists the "Sensitivity" is really simply fear, since they tend to flip out and stab even lonely movie makers in normally peaceful streets of Amsterdam.  Hell even the tolerant Dutch have about had it with this sort of thing.

Bin Laden's guys sure crossed the line far as I'm concerned, for if you kill travelers on Transcendian airports I'd do all I could I could to eliminate whatever threat you and yours were.   I myself really love civilization, and coming from sailors and priests I have a spiritual connection to travel, and all what it is about and for.

I have even traveled in airplanes recently when all the investigation was to ask my name after I was comfortably seated.  Next time I go to the airlines I think I'll just wear my bathrobe and some slippers.  My wife actually helps me get dressed these days so I'm not up for this dressing and undressing stuff.  It hurts me.

Maritime law is fascinating to me.  It's my suspicion it is the basis for International Law.  The real trend is a World Federal Government.

As the Slaves in the US were freed into Wage Slavery like everybody else, out the Civil War, this World War Spy era will lead to Human Rights for Women.

I am for arming women.

And so it is, I am done for today, writing.

P.S. Time to get a Tin Foil Hat.  Or Next Big Story:  Aliens are on the way.  They are bringing either War Or Peace.  A great Tin Foil Hat is really what you want now, either way.

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