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War and corruption keep the common man poor.

My mind needs protection from lies and mis-stories?

How come people get to print money anyway?  It is a great work of conceptual art.  Paper money is really interesting.

My solution to what Transcendia might print money from is Whole Life Insurance Policies for everybody from birth.

The problem seems to be that standard practice is to undervalue lives.  You may well be resented if you live too long.

At anyrate even without perfect numbers my policy is to create an insurance entity for Transcendians that the paper money is printed on.  My people will be worth at least as much as gold.

Yah know paper money does work well for travelers.  Surely enough we are seeing Gold as a de facto currency, medstore but you aint going to be sending gold over the wires yah know.

Legal tender is cash used for illegal work and products, and legal work and products, and you buy chips at the gambling casino with whatever money type you got.

We can work this art project out together.

Where we start from is true accounting of what everything really costs. 

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