Turning Points of My Education

My own rule far as how to direct or influence in any way the education of my child has been to encourage them to do what is easy for them.  There is plenty enough that is hard about any life.  Yah wantah help the child do what they are suited for, denture what they were made to do.  There is in my life a sense of destiny.  It overrides whatever failures of my parents or teachers to a point where I am proud of my swim as a fish in the sea.

"Little fish don't eat big fish."  – I Ching.

Education is an everyday everywhere thing for a child, if not us lost innocence adults and parents too.  I have great admiration for Elementary School Teachers.  They are mostly women it seems.  Their may be something good about Principals as men at least around.  I don't know if I could handle a classroom of first graders myself.  I could teach some Faulkner, and Jones, and Dos Passos, and direct combining readings of the Bible and I Ching to High School Seniors or College Students, but teaching a classroom of Elementary School children might be beyond my skills and personality.

Still I am aware that while in the furors about Education Policy in the US a lot of the focus is misdirected.  What really must happen is that early age education must be perfected.  We have the technology to help with this in tight situations now.  I think these e books will help.  Television has helped.

It is interesting that I don't remember at all any of the commercials I might have seen when watching cartoons as a child.  In fact while I must have learned some things in Elementary school, I don't remember learning these things.   What I remember is being there when it snowed and melted all in the same day.  – or hanging out all day with a wandering dog, or when the air went all electric and you could see storms coming.

Your parents teach you what they know, not necessarily what you need to know.  This is why the student seeks out the teacher.

We are driven by a sense of destiny from an early age.  So our own soul is seeking every moment the answers to our questions.

Yah got your common to everybody questions, and your unique being questions.

My destiny is to be the CEO of Transcendia, though that is part cause my Dad said we were too poor for me to become a pilot, and then turned round and bought me piano lessons.  I really love the big old Freighter planes myself.  It was a wonderful thing to get two hours left seat in a DC6.  I have lived in good flight like a spaceman as it ought to be.  I've gotten to take a walk while flying.  Walking around in a big airplane with no seats is space flight in a space ship at its best, since your bones go all to hell in some space station without gravity.  Turns out sex is real hard to accomplish without gravity.

But back to my struggle to determine and say how perfect Elementary Education can be accomplished.

The answer is that the tribal element of everywhere all the time means that we must all teach within our capacity all the time.

As an adult my connection with childlike innocence learning has been flying.  I've flown in about everything by sort of airplane, and am well aware that there are and will ever be better pilots than me.

When I was a kid I taught at least two other kids to read.  Taught my sister to read.  Friend of mine finally taught me to land the plane.  This peer to peer teaching is very effective.  We need to enlist each other in learning is how it all turns out.

You can audit classes most anywhere if you really want to make the time and simply show up, and be polite about it.

Before I was a graduate of the Eighth Grade I had no choice about where I went to school.  I decided to go to a school different from the school I was slated to go to cause of where I lived on my own, and just did it.  There was no voucher involved.  I simply walked to the next school districts last school bus stop, and got on the bus.

Later some mother and her daughter took me in their Volkswagen Beetle.

It was a good thing for me and helped me survive for I was right tired of being unpopular and having to fight all the time with the other kids I was going to school with.  My peers were often right mean to me and my family.   If you can't win where you are, going to another place can be a good move.

Per capita spending on education is a better way to go than depending on local property taxes for school quality.  Rural schools do need to be as good as urban schools.

School itself is a responsibility of the government.  It is only second to defense.  But the truth is that both in reality cannot be best if it is institutionalized too much.

I feel what I really mean is that to achieve perfection so that all are perfectly educated the entire society must be involved.

It starts properly with a love for the life of the mind.

We can figure it all out.  We can do the right thing.  We want to make Heaven on Earth.

It is our Destiny together to at least imagine it, and imagine it in a reality of numbered things.  – Love, Russell

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