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The Joint Chiefs of Staff, whose names I do not know right now, have said that a No Fly Zone in the Syrian War Theater would mean nuclear war with Russia.

Hillary Clinton is for it.   No Fly and lots die.   It is not even a real question.   I can pretend I am voting for the Sanders platform but then I get someone likely to start a real war with Russia.

The UN was supposed to be in the way of this, but reform of the Security Council Veto Powers of the Permanent Members has precluded peace.  At least somehow that does not seem to be in the cards.

A great lot of enthusiasm for invulnerability in the skies is attributed to a working F-35, which is primarily the lynchpin of war in the China Sea.  Apparently it is also significant to all other theaters of war.

Tanks, & urban assault vehicles go in there, and then close support aircraft like the Warthog, & above that you have the fighters doing surveillance and protecting the ground support attack planes.  If there are too many tanks you are to use “Tactical” Nuclear weapons to kill the tank crews.  This is accomplished by dialing down to neutron level the emanating rays from the destructive blast field.  I remember the Neutron Bomb and this stuff is about turning old thermonuclear bombs into Neutron bombs, dialing them.  Dialing them down.

That is the story I got from Wikipedia when I was looking at these engineering feats of physics prowess.

I don’t want a president that is going to start a nuclear war with Russia.  I want the UN to be better which means another UN with an army that takes care of criminal wars.  The same sort of progress politically took place prior to the war in Iraq.  I don’t think Trump will be much in Command and Control myself.  The military establishment is ready.  All that love for the F35 has to go somewhere, and world war is where it goes.

Consider it pseudo AI.  Because the Weapon is made, it is used.  There is the imperative it fly in a No Fly Zone or to hit Beijing.

Other than that what’s to worry about?

I can’t see very well since withdrawal from 6 years of morphine started with Fentanyl when the bones were grinding together and it was so bad Nancy Alex put me in a nursing home.  There are some events I don’t remember but snatches of.

In the one over by Burlington I remember this young Black woman of incredible physical womanly beauty hit by light looking at me.  Then she took me for a shower in the wheelchair put on a little plastic seat.  Everything was a sort of plastic blue.  She looked at me in some sort of quizzical way.  I was there.

I ought try and paint her.  I have thought of going looking for her specifically to photograph.  It was a languid beauty like Eula, the woman who was so lazy that she was picked up to be cleaned around.  One of Faulkner’s characters.

Meantime I am surprised to not hear anyone of these important people, big thinkers?  With Big Thinkers? Working for them, Speak of the UN or “A”UN?

After WWI and after WWII the UN, the United Nations was created to prevent Apocalyptic War, the Apocalyptic Riot.  We are already in WWIII.   There is the slow crash where Financial Terrorists are sucking up all the money, and 3 Fronts.   Asia Front & China, Then the Syrian Front with Turkey and the Kurds never to end along with that other thing of Israel that isn’t content with Palestine to fuck with, but has to threaten any that are not under their thumb, Then not let us forget Ukraine & Crimea that triggered the Economic War with Russia while trading with the enemy for rocket ship seats the US Rockets explode all three in not more than 2 weeks, the sort of thing the GRU would do.

They need cash for Putin to hand around to keep himself in power.

Is that 3 or 4 “Fronts” of battle?  Wide ranging is Economic Warfare.

Financial Terrorism has been at the root of Roman Wars, Italy? What General had an army out there for the bankers?  The destruction of Greece, or the illustration of it as not much cared about by those with the shipping & that insurance industry, which you would think had money?  Was anything insured in Greece?  How’d that work, what was AIG or Lloyds for?   Doing?

I’m personally nauseated, right now.  Some of it has to do with for the love of pot.  For the Love of Pot I have been insulted and taken off my morphine.  Expected results are diarrhea  and whatever you can imagine as spasms and twitching early on uncontrollably.  I had a bad cold to start with.  One day I wanted to die.

The insults are a great cause of hurt within me.  Why exactly I have to be piss tested for pot because I am chronically ill with psoriatic arthritis when there is no medical necessity that it be so, infuriates me.  It makes my stomach upset and my back hurt. I haven’t wanted to drink bourbon so badly in 5 years or more.  Beer sounds good.

Timing chain on the car broke.

Now it is a multitude of lies all around because the pharmacy says none of what I was told was done, was done, and all of it is untrue.

The System Is Pathological is what I told them telling them further they were the ones with the pathology.

For the love of pot?  So incredible since 1967-68 when I started smoking pot.  I’ve known a lot of people and smoked a lot of hashish in Rochdale College Toronto.  Now I’d feel normal from a bowl of black nepalese temple ball.   It has a little opium in it.  Dangerous stuff that way.   Course I can want things in the world that are vices.   Hedonism is not really illegal.

Somehow I got to be an adult of 63, you hear me, 63?  I was a gentleman in a lot of ways before 40, but after that I was a “Sir”.

I am going to make a painting of my eye.  One of my eyes, or both my eyes.

One writer pointed out the there was no particular proof from any of these 17 Intelligence Agencies.

Who killed Seth Rich?

The System is Pathological everywhere it touches my life.  I imagine that I am not the only one being hurt.

Far as the US is concerned, a nation, an Empire, that is being confrontational and in wars we hardly grasp as started much less going on, like Yemen, the one I say is where the Petrodollar died, needs for a Government of Governments, as John C. Mearsheimer says, Is missing to Step in.   I say that the petrodollar died in Yemen because the Saudis went at it without any consultation with the US.  It signaled that Netanyahu had come to be seen as too much in charge of US Foreign Policy for the US promise to protect them from Israel was not in tact.

I say we are in the death throes of the 100 Yrs Oil War.

It is likely that we will sink into barbarism as we did after the fall of Rome if there is an Apocalyptic Riot.

I have called for a second United Nations with an army of its own to be founded and set to work.

Nuclear Armed Nations ought not be confronting each other directly like this.


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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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