Appointments With Bombs

Appointments With Bombs

      A Speech:

                                                 Your life, and the lives of your lovers and chidren are threatened.   We, humanity have made so much progress that some have experienced perfect lives.

       What is the perfect life?

       The perfect life is one with God and one with man in which in all moments one is an individual, and one with all.

       It is both feast and famine survived and love given and received to a point of peace and understanding.

       Now, really right now, humanity is in the bottleneck.   People with great wealth and power blunder or triumph.   Blunders are more expensive than ever before because we are so many.   There are more of us around at one time than ever before on this planet.

       Workers are not defended enough.

       Us workers get in lines to get work and are blown up in Iraq.

       Iraq is a metaphor for workers who believe in God and have to work, like to work, and accept comfort from honest work.

       During my work life when I lived in Manhattan, I never had a real schedule, and since my paths were unpredictable, my criminal neighbors did not really know when to wait to ambush me.

       I rarely stood in lines.

       In church I would line up in the aisle for communion.

       Quakers don’t do that.

       Peace is better than war.

       We can create a time of peace if we concentrate on work for and with each other.

       Defense of the planet from Asteroid strikes is the big practical thing that a world government ought to be created and charged with doing.

       As a group, we really know that defending ourselves from the weather is the most idealistic and practical work for soldiers and scientists.

       Really us workers know in our hearts that we are an army.

       My mother told me that there is no shame in honest work, and I believe in honest work and want to protect other workers.

       We pay the bills.   Us workers pay the bills.

       The assholes raise prices on us and kill us with bills and bombs.

       Time is running out.

       In fact it is time for an International Minimum Wage, and the elimantion from goverment arsenals Weapons of Mass Destruction, like the Atom Bomb.

        As founder of Transcendia I do declare war on Weapons of Mass destruction and you can volunteer to kill to prevent them being available to kill you.

         This is a practical war for workers to fund or kill about since really we keep the rich and the poor with us regardless of what they contribute or steal.

         (I’ll finish this speech if you clap.)


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