ProActive Civil Demonstration Rocket Launching you can Do!

Rocket Launches You can Do!

     Rocket launches have been the Transcendian Pro Active Civil Demonstration invention and it is obviously time for another series.   I especially thought so after I got out of the hospital yesterday after a week there due to the breakdown of my digestive system and the emergency surgery.

      Some of the last week was agony and I am glad I didn’t die as I certainly would have if it had not been for the surgery.

      I really felt bad for the pig that I knew that died from what I had.   The death would have been agony up there in any torture range and if you blame god for such pain he would be more the devil.

      Leading up to this time I was making all the bomb pictures and paintings, and then now I am caused to remember message rocket launches of the past, which would be good to cause to happen again from what I understood as I came off the week of operation hospital and rocket launch news as I return to my desk.

       The main lesson and recommendation here is that the concept of Pro Active Civil Demonstration, such as little balsa wood and cardboardtube rocket launches with messages in the goal of achieving peace through understanding and deal making internalized law is a possiblity for the political action tool box.

       Imagine dropping to Gaza Estes Rocket Kits with message compartments they could send instead of the exploding rockets.

       To do something odd in a battle is sometimes the distraction that changes the course of the battle, and enables a proper resolution.

       For instance in this day and age it would be possible to televise rocket wars with models or to scale instead of the real war, and call it good by the lights of HG Wells and Orson Welles and War of the Worlds.

       Anyway I hope some people over there where they are launching so many rockets go ahead and launch more of the sort approved for scientific and hobby purposes, like the Estes and custom we built and launched during the last Gulf War in the interests of peace.


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