Transport Notes/Carrboro

        In Carrboro North Carolina there are a good number of bicyclists and there is a bike lane on North Greensboro Street.  Of Course the Bicyclists and the Buses are in competition for this space, order but there is not but so much to do about this.   Maybe it would be possible to just dig ditches so that bicyclists could ride out of the way underground in town.

      Bicycles are a great way to get around.

      In Carrboro the bike lane actually stops too soon on North Greensboro Street, and ought to be extended out Old Fayettville Road to at least the intersection of Old Airport.

      Overall as far as bicycles are concerned, on all town roads they ought to have a lane, even if it is a small one.   If nothing else can be done to safely integrate the bike lane with the bus and auto lane, pass points ought to be painted on the road, and it would be good on some roads that irregular expansions of the road be accomplished so as to create auto pass points.

      In my study of transportation infrastructure I have come to some understanding of the vital need for designated and integrated "Rights Of Way".

      In a mature transportation infrastructure all traffic has the appropriate Right of Way so a pedesteran or a jet has a place to be, rightfully, no matter their speed.

      Transportation infrastructure system planning ought to test its plans to this need for all to have their rightful place and right of way.

                                                                 Russell Scott Day

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