Menu for Peace

Menu for Peace

     There are things that are ingredients of peace and basically they are food and mannered rituals of feeding.

       Conflicts about interest charges between the culture of Islam and Judisim are more significant than commonly addressed.

       As I say and will say and have said, cheap it would be better to have a menu for peace in the Middle East than a Road Map, medicine since no one is really going anywhere.

      As a fine reality tv show I would direct the perfect meal.

      A fine meal for enemies and friends since the elite need to eat with the working classes for chaos to end.

       This is all I am going to write on this right now.

       My other work now is to put a good art show happening in the UN Lobby about Weapons of Mass Destruction, and their obsolesence, as things have turned out.

       I did declare war on Weapons of Mass Destruction about 4 months ago, but no one noticed.

      A good Art Show at the UN would hopefully get my declaration of war on Weapons of Mass Destruction Financed.



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