How The Working Class Could Save The World

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of how the Working Class can Save the World, vialis 40mg maybe.

by Russell Scott Day

Neccessary for longer human survival, prescription and short term Peace, If nothing Else.

by Russell Scott Day

        Food is the number one ingredient for peace, and that means that if you want peace either in your immediate neighborhood, or somewhere far away, you or your group, tribe, nation or organization are wise to give food to people and nations you want to be friends with, or want to resolve a conflict with.

       In the case of North Korea I must reverse myself and say that now I accept that food may be used as a weapon.

       In the case of North Korea, whose rocket may not fly particularly well, if it is launched, and if I was charged to defend my people, I would be very inclined to blow their rocket off its pad as soon as I knew it might be launched.

       It would not particularly matter to me if it was armed.

       I have had some rocket launch failures.

       Launching rockets is fun.

       I encourage people to launch rockets for Transcendia with messages on them that encourage peace.

       So then I think it is okay if North Korea gets to launch rockets, but know that the rocket needs to be inspected and properly aimed.

       The rockets I launched all over Manhattan were made of cardboard and balsa wood, but I did have two failures.   One of the message rockets blew up on the pad with NYPD witnesses, and the other went out of control in Prospect Park.

      The top speed for my Message Rockets was only about 450 miles an hour.

       South Korea has indicated that they might not give North Korea food if North Korea launches the interesting rocket they have set up for launch.

        As I have said, launching rockets is fun, and a worthy thing to do, and I encourage Transcendians to launch Message Rockets.

        Now the smartest thing I can think to do as concerns North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and the United States is to applaud North Korea for making a rocket, which is a fun thing to do, and get them to accept some inspectors and advice about how to fly it so that it has a good and fun flight which we can watch, and how doing that will get them the food they need.

         I actually own a Kia which is a car made in South Korea.

         Therefore I have a unique understanding of some of the technological issues involved.

        The South Korean car I have is reputed to be the worst car ever made.

         Now this does not reccommend the North Korean Rocket.

         Of course the reality is that unless the Russians and the United Statesians had merged their space programs more Cosmonauts and Astronauts would have died than have so far.

         One of my Pilot heros told me that Korean women were the most generally beautiful.

         So then I would suggest that a North Korean Woman be put into the Space Station Program that the Russians and the USians control if the North Koreans let us Working Classes control their rocket launch.

       As an immediate action I suggest throwing food at North Korea to get them to the table of negotiation.

       I admit that this is a weird skew of sanity that I am assaulting you with.

        I could go on explaining it but it is time for dinner.




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