Instructions after the Operation

My Guts Got Wrapped Shut by their Covering

      –And I had to go to the doctor and the hospital and be cut open and the stuff that wrapped up my guts cut out of the way, stomach and then sewn back together.

       During my stay in the hospital I was not able to do much about world affairs, or even local affairs.

        When I was finally able to get out of the hospital a great number of rockets were being fired by either North Korea, or Hezzbolla, or Israel, I guess.

        As the Morphine wore off I visualized a ball of Portland Cement in a ball with rockets sticking out of it.

       I started to work on the Weapons of Mass Destruction Art Show Event.

       I looked at my rocket kit.

       Apparently people like rockets quite a bit.   I and my comrades have had some great times launching rockets, and again I encourage you to launch a rocket as an experience that is apparently very powerful.

       If Estes Rocket Company had any sense they would give away their rockets to everyone in Beruit and Jerusalem.

       It really is a good thing to do, launching rockets, if you do it by the rules.

       It is wonderful to get a call from someone who finds your message rocket and asks you if you want it back.

       Then you may have dinner, or a popscicle together.

       Otherwise if you want to encourage peace in the Middle East, think in terms of a good menu.

      Think in terms of the real food and the mental equivalent of food and put that all on the table, when you take Atomic bombs and the like out of the arsenals of public or private organizations.

                                                                 Later, Russell

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