WMDC Art Show Proposal Progress Report

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Art Show Proposal Report

      It has been at least 6 months since I began my Atom Bomb Series of paintings and drawings.   I started with Bikini Bomb, and have made works under titles such as My Bomb and Your Bomb Sitting by the Fire, Dad Said The Atom Bomb Made Me, When TVs Were Made of Wood, My Bomb Loves Your Bomb, Channel Wars, and Drift.   In the series I intend another titled More Bombs to Come, but so far that painting has failed.

       After hearing Hans Blix talk about the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, and reading Paul Johnsons’ – A New History of Art, I determined that it was a good time for an art show event at the UN in support of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission and its goals.

        Obviously this sort of show is called to be a group show, though I would like to direct it under the Transcendian name and flag.

       What I envision as a total show is one in which at the opening a work of art was generated, and little model message rockets are launched as we did around Manhattan and in other places during the first Gulf War.

       Conceptually the point of this is to illustrate how a thing may be good and bad at the same time depending on how it is used, and for what purpose.

       In Transcendian Theory this is an example of the Pro-Active Civil Demonstration.

       Now some of my Bomb Series paintings are done on steel, and I am fond of painting on steel, and do so partly for this series mindful of the extinction facing us if these powers we have gained are not brought under control.

       At the opening reception, which is intended to be an important social event I want to mount horizontally on the wall a 3/6s 4’by8′ or longer sheet of steel to be etched, scratched, painted drawn and otherwise attacked by artists and guests creating an image, work of art, to be sold for the benefit of the work of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission.

      So then the concept is to have a Group Show thematically about Weapons of Mass Destruction during which time little paper message rockets are launched, and a work on steel is created.

       Why have such a show now, and why should it be at the UN?

       What is the difference between my putting on a show here in Carrboro, North Carolina, and at the UN?

        The Show here will not hurt, but it will not do all that it is intended to do if is only here, and must be installed at the UN to have the effect, in the time allowed by the grace of God, or whatever serves that position.

       It is without doubt that collectively we are threatened beyond acceptable limits.

      It simply is unacceptable for mankind to tolerate weapons that turn war into apocalyptic riot.

      The change in the times from an era of Bi Polar Power Balance to an era of Multi Polar Power Balance in the geo politics of our current world now call for the elimanation of weapons too much a temptation to use for nations, or the equivalent of barbarians when we consider Hezbollah and the like.

      Now the UN must change its thinking from wiping out all wars, to at least enforcing the rules of war.

      Art does play a role in affecting thinking, and ideas, and the way things are done, and what beliefs are most commonly held in the minds of mankind.

     These works of art about Weapons of Mass Destruction, in a Show, at the UN, as part of a strategy, are intended to open minds to the real possiblity of elimanating these weapons that violate inherently a more proper conduct of armed conflicts.

      These things have been done in the past by nations, and in this respect we ought to accept the wisdom of more civilized times demonstrated as possible by a history which does give mankind some reasons for pride.

     One instance I know of where a weapon was put down and elimanated for two centuries was the instance where the Japanese gave up firearms.

     So the purpose of the show at its moment, and in its time is to open minds to the possiblity of getting rid of these weapons, which infact have lost their utility which was for a unique era of a power balance for which they did their job, but when that distinct era, no longer exists, and therefore insures eventual horror if these weapons are not gotten out of arsenals public or private.

     Art is something mankind can be more proud of than war.

     Now for a complete strategy when fighting for a actionable idea one must campaign on the radio, on the tv, in the movies, and in the papers.

      Then this show ought to be covered by each medium with as international distribution as possible.

      It truly is unfortunate that the UN does not have presence in more commonly available television so that more understanding of shared issues was advanced.

      However regardless of that failure, a complete strategy is the same, though coverage and distribution more complicated.

      This art show I propose and am seeking support for cannot but be a part of an overall and ongoing strategy if success is to be achieved.

      So far my progress has been to discover that at the UN Transcendia needs support from a Government such as Sweden.   I have reason to believe that due to the nature of the canon of my own art, which I have discovered to be more Chinese than I had known before I read Paul Johnsons’ excellent book of art history, and therefore think they might want to at least buy some of my art, and at best support the show.

      It is good that they foreswear first use of Nuclear weapons, whereas the US does not.

       Also I have discovered that the Department of Disarmament Affairs of the United Nations need support and may well be important as party to the show.

       It would be sensible and correct to solicit the support of all organizations public and private with the same goals so as to bring them together and amplify their power for those shared and specific goals.

      My correspondence on this issue has been with two members of the Department of Disarmament, one of whom was formerly on the Secretariat of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission.

      I have not heard from the Secretariat Mr. Salander in Sweden, or Hans Blix, though I have today put an international call into those offices as prompt to the emails sent over this period.

      The Gallery Pace MacGill in Manhattan is considering involvement in the show in one capacity or another.   I recognize I need help in the City, and have reached out to them because they are to show some work by David Byrne who I want individual support and involvement from, which recommends Pace MacGill.

      Otherwise I am working at putting the show together here locally where I live since I am more able to do that face to face, for it is always recommended that one do what one can regardless of what may be ideal.

      I hope I can get my painting, More Bombs to Come, properly done, to add to the show.

                                                                    Best- Russell Day









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