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Judging Systems for Working Class Corner

     Guess what!   Democracy is not always the best form of goverment just because it is called so.   This explains why I am a Godwin Anarchist.

       It actually angers me when what is Chaos, is called anarchy.   In fact a good number of "Conservative" precepts and true "Anarchist" precepts are shared exactly.

       The reality as far as what works, and what doesn’t work as a system of government in the end is better named "good manners", which cannot be legislated.

        Years ago when I first started my serious study of government and politics I wrote a little poem:   A good king,/Is a good thing./Tried and true,/And nothing new.

     In a true anarchy it is even alright to have someone in the nation called King from time to time, as long it is a visionary sort of king, and not the sort that comes from inheritance or murder.

     The reality of life for mankind is that though it is preferable to be individually responsible and equipped for all assaults either natural or unnatural, this is not ever anything but an illusion allowed by grace luck and work in a combination that is not fairly doled out, and never will be.

      Well, maybe we can fix that for the robots…

      I don’t want to be so pessimistic.

      At anyrate Democracy as a word, and name to describe the US government, and the harping on it as the one and only form to be encouraged, when in fact the US is more now an Oligarchy, drives me crazy as a word I am supposed to accept as some truth said to me by enemies to hold onto my heart when it is they who have betrayed the ideals and spirit, not to mention the laws of the nation I of course first loved.

      Frankly for me a bit of evidence for this sort of statement that if you Google John Bolton’s address, you don’t really find one, though I guess you could just send it care of the UN in mail that has to be XRayed.

      (Whenever I write people who don’t open mail, I send postcards.)

      They never answer anymore…

      The modern and classical requirement of governments is that they protect their people and borders, and educate their citizens so that they can take care of themselves first, and then others.

       I posit that the name or adjective used to describe a government is not always the one given in the mass media.   The US in its history has had States that were theocracies.   This is one of its powers for it is often enough that the US can say,  "My past, is your future."   – that it is not without honor and pride, despite its currently consistent history of failed morality and wasted courage.

      The nations now that keep war in the Middle East and Africa, going, as nations and cultures, do not protect the rights of women in general, and as far as I am concerned this makes their culture and civilization at odds with mine.

      There is a set of values I am ended with fighting for, as I am called, or able.

      Being a man though I do know how it might turn out like the warning,  "Give ’em and inch, and they’ll take a mile."

       My divorce with a daughter has been all the "Civil War" I need.

       My points in the end are all intended to be practical, idealistic, and fair at the same time.

       Forgive me if I will not give up my sense of humor, and am compeled to reveal it to you.   What truth would you believe really came out of my mouth if I did not try now and then to make you see the joke?

       In the end, we are all working class, whether we like it or not.

       Thieves and murders and criminals of all sorts seem to really want a job once they get in prison.

       Being a soldier is not the same to me as being a warrior.

       I feel that soldiers fight out of fear, and warriors fight for love.

       The greatest sort of armed forces I desire for my invented nation of Transcendia would be voluntary mercenaries.

        I figured out once that if I hired a core to invade Mexican Coke Airports and take them over for hashish and pot peasants, it would at least make a good movie.

      In the past I am on record as saying that hashish is as good or better a high than coke, but much less harmful, and in my experience of some value similar to deep breathing excersises.

       The place of hashish in the cultures of Iran and Iraq and the rest of the areas I don’t really understand except for that shared high intrigues me as a personal advantage if I was to attempt negotiations with them for peace and prosperity across religious tenets, and focused on the value of work to the people they love.

      I don’t think it is out of the question that even theocracies will eventually accept that protecting their working class requires both brains and balls.

      To be equal I ought to say both brains and a vagina, but in my mind it turns out to be that for me the equal statement would be brains and a clit since this is the sort of thing that ought not be taken from any human being, the capacity for pleasure on all three levels is distinct and part of humanity, though I have to admit I am glad I was circumsized, I just don’t think it is the same thing.

       So there you have it.

       My nation, either born to or invented, at its base, has a problem with nations that do not accept and protect womens rights the same as men, when men have the acknowledged rights that are known to be fair according to ethics.

      In the commons the theocracy is suspect in US history when we consider the Witch Hunts of Salem Massachetts.   The international corrilaries cannot be ignored.

       If I was to make a television show to be seen in the Middle East, a show about the Salem Witch Hunts would be one in a series for certain of worth.

      My Past Is Your Future…

      Mr. Diamond does make a wonderful case for Political Science as finished.

      – At least I think so by thinking that enough of the equavalent of experiments have happened, as well as have been documented that we can know the essentially valuable laws of Political Science.

       God knows we need to know them!

       And it is true that we actually do, starting with no matter the system of government in the world, there ought not be any corner of the world where women do not have the rights described by the Declaration of Human Rights, of the United Nations.

        What is fair is fair.

        We do need to remember that Rome fell as it devolved into a dictatorship.

        Theocracy is a challenge for all competing forms or systems of government because we all want to believe in the unseen that will answer our prayers, which we want to be sure to be delivered and heard.

        We want God to talk to us.

        It is good enough, really, that we invented languages for him to use.

        As far as the Oligarchy, I suppose the nation ought to take money from them at a higher tax level if they have not started, or funded a concern that makes good paying work for their fellow citizens.

        Good is the man who invests in the dreams and visions of others who have enabled the fullfilment of his own dreams and acknowledged the rightfulness of his destiny.


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