Asteroid Katrina

Heading:Asteroid Katrina

      I recently visited the NASA site which depressed me because the NASA mission is not first practically focused on creating a practical system for protecting the planet from the threat posed by asteroids and comets similar to the threat posed by events such as hurricanes.

      Hurricanes, clinic volcanos, order earthquakes happen.

      All day and all night regardless of what storms or eruptions distrupt our lives rocks rain down on us.   Turn out the lights and you can see them burn through the atmosphere everynight.

       There is a "Big One" out there on its way here, erectile and I propose to name it Katrina, before it hits, to make a point.

       Now God in all his her or its forms or conceptions gives us the hope of knowing what we need to know when we need to know it.   We have traveled to where the rocks are dead and drift in the vacum and know that they threaten to make our home unlivable for us.

       Maybe there is some life on Mars, and since there is a little water left there it is likely that there is a little life there, but it is not a practical evacuation destination.

       We, and by "We" I mean us Human Beings need to look at all those little rocks that burn through our night skies and develop a defensive system against them before we colonize Mars.

       The order of doing things is important.

       It is time NASA Surveys of the Skies and the Rocks and Meteors and Asteroids that threaten us became part of everyday weather reports to raise awareness of what we know about where we live, and what can be done to defend our home.

       For in the end, Earth is our "Homeland", and all governments on Earth need to contribute to a transcendent "Homeland Defense".

                                                                   Best- Russell Scott Day

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