Atomic bomb war threat to Central Asia and it’s implications

Atomic bomb war threat to Central Asia and it’s implications.

Industrialization as it has turned out for the US, Russia, China France England Etcetera is ended up with the ability to kill and keep killing with atomic bombs. Like Spaceships, Atomic Bombs are the luxury weapon when you don’t have a very good army they make it better. Politicians and Generals know these realities though they are often perverted to the brink enough for us to know fearful or not that they might kill us all. A good army doesn’t need to kill everybody or women and children. Ironic that Germany is a haven for terrorists, and achievement of balance there is of interest to me. Holland’s hypocrisy over the agreements about drugs they have signed make me think they ought to resign and join Transcendia if they have integrity beyond resignation and apology. Transcendia needs some sort of army that if cowardly and mismanaged will at least be armed.

When I was most likely to be murdered I just acted crazy. Somehow I am still alive. I think it is because no one regular is actually sure what I might do. And I am not necessarily weak.

In the United Nations Arsenal there ought to be a weapon of mass sleep inducement. A non lethal weapon that would put a region to sleep for a bit is called for.

It is not acceptable for Pakistan and India to use Atomic Bombs, though I can see why they might want to.

The APOCALYPTIC RIOT is closer than I want to admit. Making a speech is not my favorite thing though I now challenge John Edwards the Senator to a debate as to whether pot should be internationally legal or not. My first question being how long between smoking a joint of known THC content and flying a plane of known demands ought to be legal. I want an answer from a Doctor in Holland that gives Flight Physicals to start with. Then I want to have Mister Edwards tell me why Viagria is Legal and Pot isn’t.

I was taking Wellbutrin for a few weeks and it was a bigger problem than pot I’ve smoked. It reminded me of Psyclicibin, (a mushroom drug I took when I was l7 that caused alot of enjoyable but dangerous forgetting.) Three days at least after that before I would think myself right to fly.

Psyclicibin was the only drug I ever took that helped me enjoy bitter 40 mile and hour cold.

There is no drug that would make me happy with atomic war, the Apocalyptic Riot.

I’m the best political poet around these days.

Spaceships are a growth industry for international economic engine. A good spaceship runs on Hydrogen and light like all of us ought to be going from Moon and Mars mining. What food we eat or drugs we do to enable us to do these things are stupid to prohibit. God himself gets to breath without an addiction except love and truth.

I’m not God, but I’m as much his son and daughter as he wants. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

I’m not ready but I’ll do it.


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