It is from this day that Nancy Alex and I have really been together

It is from this day that Nancy Alex and I have really been together and
I got her a sun hat and some mariachis, (wooden rattles) and a card. I
didn’t get her any flowers, though originally that is what I had in mind.
We were married as you know January 26th.

Our goal is to make Transcendia a real country before we die, without
causing a war. Disneyland is a better precedent than Woodstock Nation,
though I am not happy with Disney, or Touchstone for their treatment of film

Tanya Weinberger, the fine animator, told me she couldn’t stand working
for them, and the stories I have heard from crew members who have worked for them portray them as rude. My experiences with the Inspector Gadget Show haven’t led to more work with animation in my own career, so I hope to do better than Disneyland since I admire working people.

Scott Sullivan ought to have to come and and work with me. We can say
“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Pretty damn easily, those of
us that work, have to work. Work in weather that threatens and hurts so
often that the days when there is beauty and comfort and camaradier honesty
gained, we are grateful and inspired.
My mother always said, “No shame in honest work.”
And I love her for that since shame is a hellish heart to have to

Interesting what the price is for getting over it.
If the Feds let these people who have robbed us all keep their Golden
Parachutes, severance packages, stolen money, to the tune that they will
never have to work; can live off the real estate holdings, bonds, stocks,
money in the bank, CDs etcetera, we ought to realize the full existent of
spiritual bankruptcy we are sharing with our so called enemies.

The limit of my ability to conform is to show up for work on time and do
it honesty, wisely, and happily, for something a bit more than the money, no
matter how far that job is from the reality of my being, career or soul.

After that I want to do what I want, think what I want, say what I
want, and eat what I want. I could go on about the pursuit of happiness.

Here on this earth, what we have in confusion and certainty, does go on
forever. Whenever I lose faith in the spirit I am wound again to the
vision that conflicts with any dismissal that “It doesn’t matter! Get
whatever you can whatever way you can, because SOUL is a made up myth.”

Sullivan Ebbers, Lay, nameless guys, or guys under the umbrellas of
dead guys have stolen the future. It was easy for them. They knew they would end up with enough money that they would never actually have to pick things up and put them down for a living.

I hate it when Carter goes out to work on building a house. He makes
himself look so pious, so GOOD. Since I can’t get him to admit that he
smuggled hashish from Afghanistan into the United States prior to Congressional approval of aid to Afghanistan, his hypocrisy, irks me no end.
What the Hell does he have to lose now!

Power comes from the Third Rail. Truth is a real power. If there is
anything that July 4th as a holiday worth anything, it is about Free Speech
for all Citizens. I think Short Wave ought to be totally unregulated
Internationally myself. It seems ridiculous that you can’t just buy and
operate a Short-wave Radio since the Internet has surpassed international
boundaries as the Short-wave might have.

It is the history of short-wave to look to as the future of the Internet
in the most depressed sort of view. The marriage of short-wave and the
Internet and a destruction world wide of Corporate Manipulation of
Communication would do Radio Shack profits enough to buck up some segment of the stock exchange.

Here in North Carolina it would help the schools if Pot was legalized,
but that moralistic Helms internal clone under another name and in another
party with the swoon factor from women, Edwards, won’t go see Carter and
Touch The Third Rail.

How long from joint to joystick ought it to be? Do they way in secret
to satisfy the UN in Holland? I tell you I’d sooner fly with a stoned
pilot, than one that was drunk. I don’t care that much if I get lost now
and then, I just don’t like being lost and trapped at the same time.

I’ll bet you this, about the only thing US troops in Afghanistan, the
young guys on the ground, find worth being there for personally, is the

If you do deep breathing exercises you will get as high as you might
doing LSD, by the way. Hashish is a shortcut to the state Corporate Leaders
are trained for in Executive Workshops.

Since I have been married I haven’t read as much. Nancy Alex and I
talk alot. Our computers in the Main Room are next to each other.

She is home now and I am tugged to talk to her.
It is our first anniversary of the spiritual private kind, so I am
going to leave you with the lick that is the Blues.
I had intended to write about us and the cat William James. But
Recommend all leaders read William James.
I am.
That and the Wall Street Journal.

God Bless,

Russell Scott Day

P.S. It is not so much American Holidays I am worried about, as Islamic
days of importance in the spiritual season they carry in their hearts. All
days are threats when you are on the road. Was not the Silk Road once what the walk around airport was? I saw Elvis and got to stand in the cockpit of a Convair 240 when I as 4 or 5. All in the same day. Airports at night used to be just like any mall parking lot, except for the planes weren’t
locked and you didn’t need a key to start them. I think it is at thirty
percent rotation you hit the igniters on a Learjet engine, but it has been
20 years since I started one.
I called someone that I think lost dotcommoney and is selling their
airport. They just reduced the price to under 400 thousand.
Nancy Alex has gotten William James to come in.

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