United Nations Television
My Daughter says I am starting to make sense to her.

United Nations Television/ My Daughter says I am starting to make sense to her.

I have been happy and responsible for the past week since my daughter
said I was starting to make sense to her. Such a thing for a seventeen
year old daughter to say to her father has great weight.

I’m not certain what it is that I am making sense about though. I hope
that it is about how if you go to even a lousy college you can break the
doom that comes from dependence on a small circle of friends created out of
happenstance and drift.

Life may very well be 50 fifty between choice and chance, fate and fiat.

Yesterday I told Nancy Alex that what I got from any day of work was
another day of life. Oh there it is! Do I live to work, or work to live,
and in the United States it has always been at least that I have lived more
to work.

Working on the Schedule for United Nations television I’ve only gotten
to 5 PM. 4 PM to 5 PM was titled Food.
The truth is that one of the reasons that the Irish starved was that
they didn’t know how to cook very many foods. The English and their
absentee ownership combined with their insensitivity, hatred of people not
so easily ordered, didn’t help.

It really is incredible that people would starve to death in this time
of technological successes. The link between transportation and food ought
to make any farmer with an economic problem raise bloody hell.

If a guy can fly around the world in a balloon, possibly Solar Powered
Dirigibles ought to fly around the world picking up and dropping off food.

I suspect that 60 miles an hour would require perfection in weather
forecasting for any 5 day period.

At 7 I am thinking it would be a good time for stories for children
about heroes. I think that United Nations Television ought to be very
useful. In fact I think that United Nations Television ought to be the
best television for the mind body and soul possible since the United Nations
is about a unified regard for civilization.

Nancy Alex did point out that not all nations are members of the United

I know this for a fact since Transcendia is not a member.


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