Awed at Stupid Sometimes.

Stupidity and ignorance are hard to accept in ourselves.  I sometimes think of stupid things I did.  I think of stupid beliefs I carried and lived by for awhile.  Mostly they revolved around women and issues of misplaced trust that cost me a lot.  Pride in yourself may well be a stupid thing, pill but you need to have some, so its just a matter of what you are proud of.

What kills me is when people who don;t look particularly stupid say and do really stupid things.  One of the stupidest things ever has been when we were trying to sell some guy an extension cord, but didn't want to lose money on it since copper prices have pushed replacement prices for things made with copper up.

The guy looked like a reasonable guy.  Dressed okay.  Now huge pimples on his face.  Didn't smell bad.  But he wanted to know why we wanted so much for the extension cord since it only has metal at the two ends.  Really he said that.  Two of us heard the same thing.  Either he was stupid and ignorant of thought we were.

Lots of people think that the Teabaggers are stupid.  Internationally people have judged them to be dangerous.

I think it is dangerous to just see them as stupid and misguided.  They are doing what many of them have said they want to do.  Bringing on endtimes and apocalypse is something many of them look forward to.  They say they want to dismantle the US Federal Government, and they are doing a good job at damaging it.  Many of them have signed an oath to Grover Norquist that is stupid unless they intend to cripple the US Federal government.  They say they are patriots but to what nation I don't really know.

Economic Warfare is dangerous and typically precedes hot wars. To me it feels like the last battle of the US Civil War.

President Obama has asked us citizens to help him help us and turn things around.

If he as President can't get them to help save the nation from ruin I don't feel like I've got much of a chance to get through to them.  I wish, as many others do that he'd ask the FBI and the US Attorney General to at least look into whether or not those working to destroy the US Federal government from within can be charged right now as Agents of a Foreign Nation.

I am aware since reading Farewell by Sergi Kostin and Eric Raynaud that Vladimir Vetrov enabled President Reagan to successfully wage Economic War on the Soviet Union.  I see these Tea Party people as doing to the United States what Reagan did to the Soviet Union.  Some of the States they control I wouldn't miss.  I still resent that they seem to really be getting away with one crime after another against the rest of us, who are still invested to one degree or another in advancing things like freedom and justice for all.

The man Vladimir Vetrov who betrayed the secrets of the Soviet Union did so because the Soviet Union had become nepotistic and corrupt.  The Russians that shot him screwed up since once he was dead there was no reason to protect him, and all of the information he gave the US through the French I might add,  French Socialists at that led directly to the breakup of the Soviet Union.

This is what Economic Warfare looks like.  President Obama, the FBI, and the rest of us better take it seriously and stop thinking the Tea Baggers are just stupid.

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