US Replacements

The assault on my class in the US is very extreme.  The dismantling of the US from within is ongoing.  Those in Congress who signed an oath to Grover Norquist have put pledges to him an the Tea Party above their oath of office.  They have also said they intend to destroy the US Federal government.  The concept of a Super Congress is bullshit.  The US has a Congress.

Before these Congresspersons get back to their desks, anabolics or after they do, adiposity the replacements for those who have signed an oath to Norquist need to be standing at their desks in Congress.

We may not get support by law enforcement such as the FBI, ed or the US Attorney Generals office, though from what I know they ought to have already charged those of the Tea Party who have signed an oath to another nation, and said they want to destroy the US Federal government, and have so far been doing a good job of it.

This idea that a Super Congress is going to fix the problem is bullshit.  For US citizens to even allow it to waste time is stupid and lazy.

The International community ought to see something better from the US as so many in the world are fighting and dying for principles and ideals the US has said it is the champion of.

I don't want to see a bunch of tee shirted jerks wandering into Congress to take the seats that have become nullified by words and deeds of mostly those loyal to the Tea Party.  I want to see people in suits ready to stand for the seat in line ready to work.  Better if the Governors appoint replacements as allowed often by law, but in cases of corruption of the ideals and manipulation of the laws, we do need to see people from our class showing up ready and willing to do the job.

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