Baked/& Note for TV

I added to the poetry section two poems:

        I was prompted to post the poems because of an email I got asking if I wanted to contribute to a Drag Queen Queer Show oriented Television Program from a Public Access Channel.

        For the poem Selecto Sexo I imagine pictures of robots and sex toy to a voice over, and it is one of a series of poems I wrote in the television Voice Over style.   Others in the series were advertisments for a Space Ship named the Ace Leader Star Chief, and the Glaxo, a Space Truck.

        Selecto Sexo was written in 1976, and Using the Lumberfile, was probably written sometime in the Eighties.

        Selecto Sexo is about bi-sexuality, and Using the Lumberfile is about Menage` Trois.

       Somewhere in the letters index is The Essence of Love, which is the poem I have been thinging about the most lately.   I will likely write it into the Poetry section soon.

        It’s been a hot summer and I think my brains have baked some as a result.   I feel this sort of do or die and I don’t care what I say sort of compulsion exacerbated by my Father-in -Laws’ death which has brought up in me memories of my Father and events surrounding his life and death.

        I’ve been in a good deal of pain for the past week and though in my past I have lived through and recovered from boughts of chronic pain, I was younger and knew that I would recover if I took certain actions like leaving Manhattan and taking work that wasn’t as hard, but didn’t pay as well when I was working.

         It’s never all one thing.

         Is it my back, or could it be my kidneys?    I’m pretty sure it is my back.

         I read a nice little piece in The Week magazine that pointed out that if God was so intelligent why did he make us with such flawed back design?   What a fine sentence there was in the piece about evolution had left some scars.   "Scars of Evolution", what a fine phrase.

         I’ve been thinking about The Essense of Love because people asked me what Heavan was like and because of my vision called Transcend-O-Ray, I do feel like there are all these spirits that want to be in bodies because they know that regardless of the security of just being with God and all the other lighted things, you get to have sex and eat in a body and if you don’t have a body you can’t do that.

          Some of the shame that is associated with sex may well rise up from the rememberance of spirits that it is unique to the physical life.

         Light has a constant speed unless it is slowed down as it passes through the glass lens.   My favorite book in the Bible is St. John because when I read it I could read it simply as advice on how to take photographs.

         When it is really hot and it is really cold there come these views of the world that those of us still blessed with eyesight know achieve such horror or truth and beauty that we can feel our souls being created from the anonoymous spirits who thirst for individual successes and share the tortures as did Jesus and Budda describe.

         I have not done a service with the I Ching and the Reading for the Day for longer than much of the time, and have been trying to write my Book.    There are some paragraphs I’ve come across in past postings that made me wonder if I remembered who I was and made me remeet myself  actually surprised that I wrote at least one good paragraph.

         Now my Theological arguement with the Vatican Agenda and Bush Policies as concerns Womens Rights and the Rights of Gays is boiled down to my sense that from a purely practical standpoint it is to the advantage of the Spirits that knock at the door, knowing of the rarity of the physical event so much as we have it for a finite time, that those of us having it are in conflict with them and need to teach them that if they are patient and allow us to not destroy the planet we will be more able in the long term to let them have the ride we are on.

        If the Pope is so in touch with God I would expect him to allow prevention of pregnancy with a sense of patience towards all the spirits out there trying to get here.    Really I would expect the Infinite God to accept human wisdom and the recognition by the bodied made into souls that it is the same duty to the spirits that they expect from God.

        What is wrong with me if I recognize God may forget that he is infinite?   Frankly I think God wants me to recognize that he might forget and it may be a little joke he put forth that gives me the opportunity to make him proud of me as if he were my Father and I wanted to make a good arguement to him to get some respect.

                                                                                                                        Love – Russell



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