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I have not been to church in over a year except for a memorial service and an ash internment of my father-in-law who was a Prespitarian, physician however you spell it, minister, of South Port and Scotland, far as I can tell.

His sonnets are on the site and laid out better than what I filed this weekend.

So I have done a reading and it has come up from the I Ching and the Bible to be about judgement at the hand of God on both counts, in both books.

Well maybe I am wrong.

51   Chen/The Arousing (Shock, Thunder)

The superior man does all he can to make sure he does what God would want.

John 1-19-28

"I am the voice crying in the wilderness."

      Now I want to make clear that I am a pragmatic man with spiritual intent, and that I know that now I have less time to live than I have to learn.

        I know that the great life is the life lived for love and only love in all its forms physical or intellectual, and that if I live and act according to bad ideas I might as well be a very small bug that has no soul.

        Now do ants have souls?

        I have at least told my wife that when I die I do not want to be buried and all of my parts are up for grabs if they are useful and otherwise what is left of me may be studied or possibly eaten.

       I was very happy to see that the trapped submariners were rescued before they ate each other.

       To complete this reading I need to read Acts 3-1-ll and Judges 7-1-8 apparently.




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