Looking Back, a short film I made from Steve Elliots S8 footage shot when he was in Viet Nam, and film I shot of him walking on railroad tracks to Hell Bound Train, by Savoy Brown, and Pigmeat HeartBeat by Pink Floyd is going to be shown in the Flickerfest Film Festival, at least in Chapel Hill, at Cats Cradle.

      Steve was my girlfriend’s boyfriend before he went to Viet Nam.

      We spent time together enough that he gave me his film, and I shot film of him and edited it together.

      I thought the festival would have preferred the documentary I shot of Carter’s Inaugartion.

      It has been a good while since I have had a film in a festival.

      The DVD technology helps since I have lost films I made by trusting people to send them back.

       I no longer give people my originals to show.

       As far as Super 8 is concerned it is not good enough to be duplicated much.

       I never did get permission for the soundtrack from the artists and I am hopeful that they will not sue me when the film is shown and accept that I’ve never yet made a cent from the film.

       In fact I haven’t let people much see it because I never have gotten around to getting rights to the soundtrack, which I think helps it.

        If you know anyone who was in Savoy Brown or Pink Floyd I would appreciate it if you would let them know that I would be grateful if they would not sue me for using their music for this little film.

        It would be nice if this film was shown in Viet Nam for it would show instant regrets.

                                                                                                                                 love, russell



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