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Should I run for Founder?

Politically spiritually physically and intellectually I have been working to come up with a total local and global platform that would work as if I was running for mayor or king or president or commissioner.

I do study and over the long haul I have relied on Scientific American for good as I could get information.

Just like I really would not expect to be certified to fly except by pilots who had flown with me, viagra I really would not expect to be certified to be in a position of leadership unless other leaders had sat in the co-pilot seat and gotten where they wanted to go.

Maybe I am too humble.

I am pleased that according to what I know of Confucious it was his intent to make clear that leaders needed to be worthy of the responsiblity, abortion the pleasure of the fullfilled duty are without measure in my opinion.

I have just read Climax of Humanity by George Musser in the Scientific American and my goal in this and maybe the following on my global and local focus will be to come up with a platform of actions and taxes and ideals that ought to work to the precepts and known knowlege of history and sociology so much that regardless of my imperfections or even perfections, denture the actions, precepts of ideology, would work in inner and outerspace, or at least in the Solar System for a good while.

For Carrboro and Chapel Hill I then first suggest a Convention of Futurists where would be Showcased and sold all highest technologies of personal and public infrastructure, for the world naked has been the infrastructure which mankind is destroying by doing what mankind does too often.

Maintainance and love of the infrastructure really now means that mankind regardless of religion can love what has been given and what they have made.

Hell I would encourage men to make fighting space ships since without them Earthlings will be vulnerable to alien attack, and it is just in our nature to do things like that.

In Chapel Hill and Carrboro I would with the approval of the citizens certify for roads all of the best vehicles available regardless of crash worthiness.

If you can have motorcycles on the roads you can have very small cars, and I am very interested in seeing more of the Swatch Cars that my friend from Holland has told me about.

The nearby NASA property in the County better start using that land to launch Micro Rockets or come up with some use of that land that is fitting to the needs of our children.

A sister City in Ecuador is highly recommended to Chapel Hill and Carrboro and common laws must be aligned so as to make regular travel between the sister cities common and safe.

The goal of good administrators and leaders is always first to protect their people and their turf.

Passive and Active protection mean that first the turf is to be made attractive and functional, and that at the same time that which makes it attractive to all is sustained and further thrives inspite of love and envy.

It is true that I have not made myself more known and vulnerable.

Now that I am older and more broken down and likely to die any minute, I really ought to talk a bit more into the face of Glass.

Energy is the bottom line as far as creating and enabling a civilization worthy of the name.

Solar energy is the most perfect passive source of energy and trumps nuclear power and therefore really ought to be the focus of some nation besides Transcendia.

I am going to give my neighbor Ed a call on this subject and see what sort of plan he has in his pocket to power my rented home.

                                                                                           Love, Russell


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