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Infrastructure Platform for Local and Global

       The largest city I have lived in for an extended period of time was New York City.

        At the least that would recommend the infrastructure mix of rail, cough sea, therapy road, and air transportion options.

       The way things are going the infrastructure necessary for civilization which according to the numbers using common technology has become unsustainable.

         Technology does need to be directed towards goals for it to appear.

         The history of inventions shows that the concepts are free.

         Even the first man who ever saw a bird wanted to fly and dreamed of it.

         The need for flying machines increased as the population increased and became both increased and increasing.

          Engines pushed to their limits explode when their lubricants break down.

          Ideas for social lubrication have fallen to architects and urban planners.

          The mix of hunter gatherer and farmer life depends on transportation.

          Transportation is going to or fleeing from.

           Are paths transport?

           My feet and legs are transport.

           The path is infrastructure.

           Every path leads somewhere.

            For deer a path leads to food.

            One of the reasons we run over deer all the time around here is because we have taken from them their job.

            From my honeymoon vist to Disney World and Epcot Center, and the tv images I grew up with, and my experiences in New York City, it would seem to me that the bottleneck needs focus on the megalpolis with full integration of transportation that put food where it needed to be when it needed to be there for all humanity.

           Putting people into outerspace is not putting them where there is food.

           Why go where there is no food?

            This is simply not sensible.

             To get through the bottleneck of human needs at maximum population outerspace needs to provide energy,escape, insurance, and food.

             The space elevators need to be directed towards capturing supplies for the working people.

             Knowledge is a supply, and knowing how to grow and transport food in any environment would be a good thing to know, especially if it produced a surplus.

             I will continue to work on this subject from a completed goal of determining what must be done locally and globally by all communities to enable as long an existance as would be possible for mankind if the interest was in enabling humanity for at least half of infinity.

             As far as making food in outerspace at a profit is concerned I suspect that it will require L5 designs which acknowledged a need for gravity, or something like it.  Then I suspect that it would be profitable only if it was linked to space elevators.

           Plus I suspect that there is no way that spacecraft as we have known them so far like airplanes or ICBMs can do enough to fullfil mankinds needs, and that the only hope for mankind really does seem to rest in space  elevator construction.

           I really would like it if the town I lived in would put some money up towards sisterhood with an equatorial region city where nearby would be a space elevator.

          I will work more on this in a following post.


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