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     Please write to me about what wars you know about that are not in the general news.   I need to make a list of current wars and threats to working class people.

     In my view wars hurt working people regardless of their religious beliefs and I believe that it is not wise to believe in anything too much.

     I believe that believing in something too much results in war.

     I am talking about constructs here, views of morality and theological edits and imperatives.

      I did have a vision and I do believe in my vision as an experience that guides me.

      I believe that my vision was real and crossed from my physical life to my spiritual life and gave me a touchstone in my head that is what my body carries around and is what makes me a soul instead of an anonymous spirit.

       I think and believe that it is my duty to save the prospect of creating a soul for the unnamed spirits by saving the physical world for them to come to and which we go back to with an identity which is what spirits thirst for so much as to really be impatient about.

      The home of humanity is the Earth only so far and it is getting to the point where even if it is not hit by a big rock commonly called an Asteroid, it will be overwhelmed by people who are spirits and the common life will be even with the achievement of identity not much better than being dead.

       Since you need a body to have sex from all I know, I really do not expect to have sex in heavan, and though I really appreciate the life of the mind, it is the rememberance of physical love that I suspect is the reason that spirits desire to have this weird life.

       Some people then when faced with my education that comes from my Aleph vision say then that heavan does not conform to their conception of it.

      Basically they seem to expect that in heaven is an orgy where they get to have everything they wanted here.

      What  they need to face if we are to maintain the home of physical souls, which is a valuable and unique experience, and really not ought to be disturbed by wars which shorten the development of the soul and cause some to want to come back when it would be more fair if once was enough that whatever you do in the interests of war, is wrong.

      I believe that so much that I am willing to fail in making Transcendia into a real nation.

      This is one of the reasons I want the United Nations to take Transcendia over, though I am not pleased with Kofi Annan and the Security Council or the French,China or Russia.

       Certainly the Vatican is a big problem for Transcendia because the Vatican has an agenda that is not supported by practical programs for maintaining a place to grow souls over the long term.

       It is Confuscious and Christ who I typically work with on for the Transcendian agenda.

       Confuscious recommends to me professionalism in actions caused by ideals and vision, and Jesus recommends doing unto others as I would have done to me.

      I don’t really want to be murdered, and therefore I feel it behooves me not to murder others.   War does not seem a good justification for murder.

      Practically if someone is trying to kill me or my children or my countrymen, then they ought to be defended against and possibly killed since the weapons available, have the power to make the Earth impossible for humans to live on.

       So the most practical thing for the international community of souls to do is to get rid of all weapons of mass destruction like nuclear weapons so that the souls that are convinced and believe that there is infinite space for all spirits to invade will not have the capacity to wipe out long term prospects.

                                                           Love, Russell



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