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Working Class Corner/Big Balls

Russell Scott Day

I didn’t think as badly of President Obama’s speech last night, as many others.  Course I don’t expect Mr. Obama to be an engineer, and feel that his Science Chu guy is about experts as well.

I had an original theory at the very onset of the disaster that I expected to be shot down, or unneeded.

DROPPING STEEL BALLS all over the blow out was my first idea.

My second idea was electric arc welding melting shut the metal pipes and Blow out Protector, was my second idea.

My third more techinical idea was to flute the pipe below the cut off, put stop over the cut off pipe, and then introduce "mud" or whatever at the flutes so pressure drove it to a clogging stop.

I am about back to my original reactive idea due to the continuing blow out at the bottom of the sea.  Some reports imply that there is spew coming now from even below the ocean floor surface.

Since this is a massive disaster, I figure it calls for a massive reaction.  Hence I return now to my original concept that was Balls of Steel, Big Balls, Heavy Balls,  Balls in mounds and balls blanketing the ocean floor.

Steel Balls used to test cranes, or used as wrecking balls are not numerous enough, so it is suggested to use concrete balls.

My friend says that the pressure would break the concrete balls apart, but I don’t think so, long as there are no air bubbles in the cast concrete balls.

I don’t think bowling balls would come apart.

The basic idea is First Aid as applied normally to wounds.  APPLY PRESSURE, and STOP THE BLEEDING. 

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