Business Notes of Me

Me has never gotten a check from anybody due to work on this site.  Oh Well, somebody has made some money.  It is floating out there somewhere I’m sure.

Between defeats, bad luck, and rip offs, I suffer.  There have been turning points in my life when lies to me that I believed made a real huge difference in how things have turned out.

In particular my performing career as a Stand-Up comic was affected by events surrounding a performance I gave as my present at the wedding.  Was all I had.  Brides father said he owned a Comic Club in FLL.  Said I had a job waiting as MC in three weeks.  I went hitch hiking up and down the East Coast with notable adventures in Maine and Buffalo.

Got home to NC.  Ready to go.  Make calls.  No answers.

Finally the bride says, "My father lies a lot, we don’t know why."

I drifted back into Aviation Ground Services.  If I had continued more strongly to make a fool of myself I ought to have now bought a few airports.  You can make a lot of money making a fool of yourself.

After some failures, or after simply getting fed up with some sorts of work, and lifestyles I would retreat and just show up for what would give me some cash.

Part Two:

While I consider Faulkner’s Absolam Absolam the great perfect poem about how the great tragedy is to live according to incorrect ideals, it was apparently his own concept of the past as present he was intent on making clear.

Where do we go from here?

James Jones had great influence over me, and titled his book From Here to Eternity in the first of his WWII trilogy.  There is no future.  There is only the past and the present.

Part III.

The local boys are out of school for the summer and have little to do.  They go shopping, which for them is stealing.  I need to buy a shipping container to stock with comic books so they will have to satisfy their retail therapy with some coins.  My goal is to correct their ways through comic books, while allowing them to conform.

The local IGX Museum is supposedly to close.  Purchase of their assets put in a shipping container where I have a little job, has local potential as a private museum collection, for which enterance could be charged.[p]

The main export of the IGX area is music.  The IGX museum may as well be the James Taylor Museum.  The IGX museum would not be closing if James Taylor did a concert to support it.

IGX wouldn’t be so bad off if IGX was run better.

Things are bad.  Many look forward to silent days.  Death is quiet, and around hear the quiet life is cherished over life.

Fuck the quiet life. 

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